Category: 2018 Playlists

12th April 2018

Hawkwind -Kings of Speed

Interrobang -Am I Invisible Yet?

Lianne Hall -Always Late To The Party

Spitboy -Threat

Ken Colyer’s Skiffle Group -Midnight Special

Dog Chocolate -George Saunders Story

Autonomads -I Am A Dog

Exit Order -Walk The Line

The Restarts -Outsider

Propaghandi -Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz)

Bratakus -I Know Nothing

Subhumans -Rats

Conflict -Custom Rock

James “Bar” Bowen -Holiday in Cambodia (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)

Hello Mabel -Sheeps

Neck -Everybody’s Welcome to the Hooley

Killjoys -Naive

Revenge of The Psychotronic Man -Stop Telling Me What To Do

Idle Vitals -Rising Damp

29th March 2018

Guest presenter Tommy Toot

One Eyed God -Pig Squad
Andy Carrington/Molitov -Live In Session
Chris Butler -International Anthem
Arnocops -Kindergarten Cops
Andy T with Pete Wilson -DIY
Serious Drinking -Winter’s Over
Auto Clave -I’ll Take Your Dreams
Army of Flying Robots -Many Tanks Make Light Work
Imbalance -Common Ancestry
Hawkwind -Kings of Speed
Replacements -Favourite Thing
Spy Vs Spy -Helpless Sign in Please
Finistere -A Hungry Heart
Cravats -There Is No International Rescue
Mend this Tear -My Street Leads Somewhere
Anxiety Attack -Woe Is Me
The Devils -Frying Pan Section Man
Nachtexen -Cheer Up Luv

15th March 2018

MDC -Winter of 92
The Ex -How Thick You Think
Andy Carrington -Dickheads in Flat Caps (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Molotov -The Sickness (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Public Service Broadcasting -People Will Always Need Coal
Gang Of Four -Guns Before Butter
The Nightingales -Born Again in Birmingham
Autonomads -Hulme
DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta) -People Never Heard
Sonic Boom Six -Virus (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Caroline Rose -Money
Adam Sky versus Mark Stewart -We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers Remix)

1st March 2018

Courtney Barnett -Nameless, Faceless
Caroline Rose -Cry!
Killdren -Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You)
No Babies -Someone To Watch Over Me
Death Sentence: Panda -A+ Cannibal
Please, Believe! -Oblivious and Cold
Paper Wings -Homes Without Landlords
Autonomads -Babylon Rock
One Eyed God -Pig Squad
The Green Child -Her Majesty II
1981 -Every Act of Aggression Is War
Annie Anxiety -Cyanide Tears
Honey Bane -Boring Conversations
Dream Nails -Vagina Police
Hagar The Womb -Hated By The Daily Mail
Epic Problem -TV War
Autonomads -I Am A Dog
Poison Girls -Pretty Polly

15th February 2018

Autonomads -Hulme
Pansy Division -He’s Trouble
George Melly -This Joint is Jumping
Against Me! -Transgender Disphoria Blues
G.L.O.S.S. -Trans Day of Revenge
Dyke Drama -Cis Girls
Exit Order -Electric Shock
Troika -Afeura
Burning Flag -Parasite
Le Tigre -Dyke March 2001
Zounds -Can’t Cheat Karma
Killdren -Empires All Crumble
No Babies -False Binary
Saint McCabe -Everything That’s English
Autonomads -Run Like A Girl

1st February 2018



Joe from 0161 Festival

Andy Carrington


Molotov -Immunity from Community (Live In The Studio)
The Fall -Bury, Parts 1 and 3
Molotov -They (Live In The Studio)
The Cravats -Hang Them
Trashtucada -Me Gusta
Andy Carrington -Coffee Shop Wankers (Live In The Studio)
Robyn Wallis Johnson -Pour Me
Jessi Eastfield -Smash The Mac
Andy Carrington -Dickheads in Flat Caps (Live In The Studio)
Molotov -The Sickness (Live In The Studio)
Moscow Death Brigade -Ann Frank’s Army
Joe Solo – No Pasaran (The Ballad of John Atkinson)
Andy Carrington -Benefit Scrounging Scum (Live In The Studio)
Habemus Papam -Herri Norte Taldea
Dawn Ray’d -Cauldron of Rebirth
Tout Suite -No-One Is Illegal