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20th December 2018

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Andy Carrington -Dickheads in Flat Caps (Recorded Live in Session) Molotov -The Sickness (Recorded Live in Session) TV Smith -File It Under Not My Problem […]

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6th December 2018

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Guests: Wadeye Playlist: Wadeye -No Sleep Kortatu -Sai Sari Incisions -Drug Money Fair Do’s -Candleman Holiday -Missiles On The Roof Accidente -Vuestra Voz Aerial Salad […]

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22nd November 2018

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Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers- Here come the Martian Martians Hag -Don’t speak to me Salvo -How it goes Replacements -Bastards of young Regret […]

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11th October 2018

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Guest: Chris Butler Playlist: Milky Wimpshake -Thursday Swansong -Cold Beans Chris Butler -Violent Dancing Chris Butler -International Anthem (Live In The Studio) Chris Butler -Celebrity […]

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27th September 2018

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Pa’Lante -The Snake Crime -Murder By Guitar Eastfield -Just Getting Going Chris Butler -Sandcastles TV Smith -No Control PIL -Graveyard Half Man, Half Biscuit -Swerving […]

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13th September 2018

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Isaac Hughes-Dennis -Oppression Joe Strummer and the Mescalaros -Arms Aloft Swansong -No Help Ona Snop -More Important Than Christ! Barnstormer -Wellingborough & Wigan

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30th August 2018

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Attila The Stockbroker -Too Much Pressure (Recorded Live In Session) Louis Lingg and The Bombs -Chomsky Changed My Life Eastfield -Just Getting Going Mollie Cule […]

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2nd August 2018

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Guest: Mollie Cule Playlist: Commoners Choir -Me Too Andy T and Pete Wilson -Participate or Get Off The Pot (Recorded Live In Session) Chumbawamba -All […]

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19th July 2018

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Guests: Carol Hodge and James ‘Bar’ Bowen Playlist: Commoners Choir -Walk With Me Belgrado -Kulminacja Oddzielenin The Chills -The Lord is All I Survey The […]