11th March 2021: TV Smith

TV Smith

X-Ray Spex –Germ Free Adolescents
TV Smith -The Lucky Ones (Live in Session)
TV Smith -Bounce Back (Live in Session)
TV Smith -I Looked at the Sun (Live in Session)
Lavender Hex -Beans and Lentils (Right On)
Dogshite –I’ve Got An Idea
Uganda’s Moonshine Epidemic -Information Overload
Abrazos -Less hunting more Packham
Jon Langford and Skull Orchard –Hey Rock Star
Zero Again -My world now
Elastikbande –Very Busy
PI$$ER -Panning for Gold
Active Slaughter –Spy Cop
My Ugly Clementine -Who
Chris Barber -The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
TV Smith -Join the Mainstream

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