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10th December 2015


Save Ferris -Christmas Wrapping
Juenesse Apatride -Miss’behaving
Johnny Sly -Cheer Up Maggie (Recorded Live in Session)
Bamboo -On Bohol
Absinthe Rose -Bread and Booze
Against Me! -Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
The Pukes -Banned from the Pubs
John Player Specials -Wealth Distribution
Perkie -Lucky (Recorded Live in Session)
Bareto -La Pantalla
Vandals -A Gun for Christmas
Zombina and the Skeletones -Chainsaw for Christmas
Bad  Religion -O Come All Ye Faithful
Wadeye -We Are The Wadeye
Accidente -Policia No
Arctic Flowers -The Sleeping and the Dead
Eastfield -Railyard Blues
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Another Way
Doom -Consumed to Death
TVTV -Daddy Drank Our Christmas Money

UtP 10 December 2015 the not-xmas show by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

26th November 2015

Johnny Sly

Crass -Where Next Columbus?
Only Ones -Another Girl, Another Planet
The New Banalists Orchestra -Reality Is Constant
Johnny Sly -Cheer Up Maggie Live in  the Studio
Minutemen -What if Reagan Played Disco
Bareto -La Pantalla
Johnny Sly -Trier Live in the Studio
Poison Girls -State Control and Rock and Roll
Johnny Sly -Falling Snow Live in  the Studio
Nico -Winter Song
Johnny Sly -Butterfly Live in  the Studio
The Wharves -NAZ
Ivor Cutler -Good Morning, How Are You?, Shut Up

UtP 26 Nov 2015 with Johnny Sly by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

12th November 2015

Ladyfest Special with Hebe and Niki from Ladyfest Manchester and Perkie Live in the studio

Wendy and Lemmy -No Class
Girls at Our Best -Getting Nowhere Fast
Arctic Flowers -Technicolor Haze
Meinhof -War is On
Jezebelezza -A Song About Cycling and Recycling
1981 -Solutions
Melt Banana -Lied, Lied, Lied
Wimmins Institute -Mansplaining
Au Pairs -Diet
Perkie – Lucy Live in the Studio
Ajah UK -Don’t Step on My Shoe
Perkie – Crazy Woman Live in the Studio
Esper Scout -In Foreign
Perkie -Fool Live in the Studio

UtP 12-11-15 Perky and Ladyfest by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

29th October 2015


Iron Maiden -Number of the Beast
Sonic Boom Six -No Man, No
Normil Hawaiians –
The Destroyers -On The Moon
Wadeye -Lifelong Problem
Wadeye -Never Forget
Holiday -Missiles on the Roof
Lab Rats -Comfortably Ignorant
Wadeye -Fighting Crime Protecting People (Live in the Studio)
Wadeye -Cyclic Systems(Live in the Studio)
Wadeye -Never Forget (Live in the Studio)
Wadeye -The Word About Town (Live in the Studio)
Wadeye -Dead Native (Live in the Studio)
Wadeye -We Are The Wadeye
Fair Do’s -One of Life’s Great Lessons
Indoctrinate -New Homes for the Have-Nots
Ill -Ill Song

UtP 29-10-15 Wadeye Special by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

15th October 2015


scott crow -Author of Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective


Louis Armstrong withThe Hot Fives and Hot Sevens -Irish Black Bottom
Sidney Bechet -I’ll Take That New Orleans Music
Geoff Berner -The Rich Are Going To Move To The High Ground
Roughneck Riot -Animosity
Lesson Seven -Radiation (US Mix)
The Cravats -Tears on my Machine
Normil Hawaiians -Slums Still Stand
Arctic Flowers -Procession
Leon Rosselson -Bringing The News from Nowhere
Holiday -Missiles On The Roof
indoctrinate-praise the plastic
Chewed Up -Cyclepath
Anne Feeney -Joe Hill
George Melly -Running Wild

UtP 15 Oct 2015 New Orleans revisited by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

1st October 2015


Attila the Stockbroker


Danbert Nobacon -Piggies in Revolution
Colour Me Wednesday -Shut
Attila the Stockbroker’s Barnstormer -Baghdad Ska
Attila the Stockbroker -Corbyn Supporters from Hell (Live)
Girls at Our Best -Warm Girls
Ste McCabe -Cockroach
Absinthe Rose -Little Folk Sista
Oi Polloi -Pigs for Slaughter
Hagar The Womb -Dressed To Kill
Pega Monstro -Nao Consegues
McCarthy -Charles Windsor

Under The Pavement 1st October 2015 with Attila the Stockbroker by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

17th September 2015

The (International) Noise Conspiracy -Capitalism Stole My Virginity
McCarthy -The Funeral
Doom -Sociopathic System
Absinthe Rose -Bread & Booze
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine -Werewolves of Wall Street
Ill -Kremlin
Au Pairs -It’s Obvious
Blyth Power -Inside The Horse
Perkie -Teachers
The Redskins -Kick Over The Statues
Petrol Girls -System
Chewed Up -Cyclepath Pt 2
Nora and One Left -My Bike and Me
The Specials -Guns of Navarone

UtP 17-9-15 Topical Thunderstorms by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

3rd September 2015


Peter from Paranoid Visions


The Ex -Maybe I Was The Pilot
The Mob -Witch  Hunt
Afternoon Gentlemen -Swirl Night
Paranoid Visions -Across The Holocausts
Paranoid Visions -When Anger Turns to Rage
Paranoid Visions -Mutant Circus
Black Light Mutants -Media Blackout
The Domestics -Diet Time
The Dead Class -Best Fighter In The Town
Terry -Talk About Terry
Die Wrecked -Paper Sword
Pega Monstro -Branca

UtP 3 Sept 2015 with Paranoid Visions by Under The Pavement on Mixcloud

6th August 2015

Shrapnel -Autumn

Tout Suite -Brain Flakes

Bad Religion -O Come All Ye Faithful

The Zombies -Carousel 44

The Pop Group -Citizen Zombie

Afternoon Gentlemen -Bottling Up

The Ex -That’s Not A Virus

Henry Cow -Viva Padre Ubu

Laibach -Die Lieberman

Husbands and Knives -Fascist

Tozibabe -Dezuje

Jello Biafra and the Raunch and Soul Allstars -Working In A Coal Mine

Autonomads -Condition of the Working Class

Worthy Victims -First Impression

Thee Faction -(You’ve Got) The Numbers

Inner Terrestrials -Off With Their Heads



23rd July 2015


Chris Butler

Simon from Box Social III


Lembo -A Las Barricadas

Accidente -La Utopia Ya Es Real

Chris Butler -Good Night and Good Luck (Live In The Studio)

The Joyce McKinney Experience -Profit Motif

Disco//Oslo -140 Zeichen

Chris Butler -The Seagull and The Skinhead (Live In The Studio)

Matilda’s Scoundrels -Our Wake

The Dog Faced Hermans -John Henry

Gray Hairs -Anxiety Dream

Gut Model -Half Slept

Worthy Victims -The Real Threat

Chris Butler -Don’t Believe the Type (Live In The Studio)

Chris Butler -Mighty and Superior (Live In The Studio)

Tout Suite -Brain Flakes