Listen Again

17th January 2020

In tonight’s time-jumping show, we look forward to the Manchester Punk Festival, backwards to an rediscovered album from the Manchester Music Collective, and sideways to Leicester and fast-hardcore heroes Nothing Clean. While we’re facing forwards, Cubes mercilessly plugs his zinestall at 8th Day this coming Saturday.

In tonight’s time-jumping show, we look forward to the Manchester Punk Festival, backwards to an rediscovered album from the Manchester Music Collective, and sideways to Leicester and fast-hardcore heroes Nothing Cleanm. While we’re facing forwards, Cubes mercilessly plugs his zinestall at 8th Day this coming Saturday.

7th November 2019

Whilst Cubesville is away David is joined by guest presenter Veg for a Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair special.
We chat to Loo-Choe one of the organisers of this year’s Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair which takes place on Saturday 7th December at The People’s History Museum.
More info on the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair at

24th October 2019

With the nights drawing in, you’ll be snug and warm with this fortnight’s Under the Pavement. Featuring Bastard Swine, Die Cowboy Die, Gay Panic Defence, Anti-System. etc

26th September 2019

Tenants’ union Acorn joins us to talk about community action and taking on the landlords in Manchester, while we preview the upcoming Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Did we say preview? We PROTEST about the upcoming conference.

12th September 2019

With all the best DIY music and in-depth discussion


16th August 2019

Persons Unknown talking about reclaiming/ squatting buildings and this Saturday’s gig at (the former) Chorlton Leisure Centre

1st August 2019

We’re taking back the space, with Helena talking about prison abolition, and Lauren previewing her book about Social Workers Without Borders. Another world is possible!

14th March 2019

Do dolphins have beaks? Tommy Toot joins us in the UtP bunker to put this, and many more pressing questions to bed.


6th December 2018

Manchester’s most dangerous band, Wadeye, take over the studo and bring us top “bants” and a comprehensive run-down of local DIY tunes. And Flat Walls.

22nd November 2018

They’re back. The Drive-time dream team of Tommy Toot and ColGen pick up Pete from Slice of Life and treat the eardrums of Ardwick, Longsight and Levenshulme to some of the choicest sounds around.


25th October 2018

We’re joined in the studio by Levenshulme lovelies Tommy Toot and Col Generall who bring in a truckload of music to woo the good people of south Manchester.


11th October 2018

The perennial Chris Butler plays live in the studio, while talk revolves around gay cakes and catastrophic climate change.

27th September 2018

David and Veg, sitting in for Cubesville, play a mix of music and talk about squat workshops and this year’s Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair.

2nd August 2018

Mollie Cule (the artist formerly known as Molotov) joins us for lively debate and to showcase some brand new songs live in the studio.

19th July 2018

The Huddesfield home invasion! Carol Hodge and James Bar Bowen have crossed the Pennines to play live on tonight’s show.

5th July 2018

We talk to Zounds stalwart Steve Lake about his latest project Fake News, and anti-car activists Liverpool Pedestrian Group. Plus brand new music and all the usual anarcho-banter.

21st June 2018

Chris Butler joins us live in the studio.

7th June 2018

We’re joined by Animal Byproducts, who play live in the studio as a preview to their set at the 0161 Festival. We also talk to festival organiser Joe, as he prepares for another hectic weekend.

26th April 2018

We take you right back to the roots of DIY rocknroll with a lowdown on skiffle, before propelling you right into the present with a guide to contemporary DIY happenings. Hold onto your hats folks, it’s that helter-skelter ride of a show you know n love – your weekly rollercoaster of riotous radio anarchy,

12th April 2018

It’s all about books these days. Yeah yeah yeah vinyl made a comeback, but we’re a step ahead and weild some pretty worn library cards. Join us to talk about books and music and politics and stuff.

29th March 2018

Tommy Toot valiantly steps in for David and gives us an insight into those bands that were forgotten during the blog era.

15th March 2018

In this show David and Cubesville look ahead to anarchist book fair that will be taking place this year, including the Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair taking place on Saturday 7th April.

1st March 2018

On a cold Thursday evening in Levenshulme David and Cubesville look ahead to the festival season covering Manchester Punk Festival, Strummercamp and the 0161 Festival

15th February 2018

Second Under The Pavement Radio Show of 2018 broadcast on Thursday 15th February 2018.

1st February 2018

A new year and a new building. Live poetry performances from Molotov and Andy Carrington plus a preview of the 0161 Festival. Plus the latest DIY sounds help us to set sail for anarchy on the airwaves in 2018.

23rd November 2017

Feel dislocated from what you read/hear/see in the media? Never fear, the Media Fund is here. We talk to Thomas Barlow of this co-operative organisation about how the media works for the few and how alternatives do exist for the many. Plus we play some damn fine DIY tunes.

9th November 2017

We welcome the No IPP people back after another two months’ hard campaigning for an update on how they’re fighting a travesty of the British legal system.

26th October 2017

Chaotic Japanese punks Page of Punk interviewed in this ecclectic, and rip-roaring episode…

12th October 2017

Manchester hardcore two-piece shatter our eardrums with a live studio session, and in a first for UtP, they bring in a rubber chicken to help with the interview.


28th September 2017

Last spring Sally followed other Manchester based activists to Greece to help the people crossing the Mediterranean to safety. Since then she and other volunteers set up an organisation CRIBS International which feeds and houses women who are pregnant or who have small babies. We talk to Sally about her experiences in Greece and her work in Manchester to raise funds to offer hope and shelter.

14th September 2017

4000 prisoners are kept on indeterminite sentences, not knowing when they will ever get out. We hear from Jo, whose partner has served way over his sentence and doesn’t know when he will ever be free again. Marion from Pies not Prisons talks to us about how the Smash IPP campaign is fighting to end this labarynthine system. Plus – new record from the Cravats.

31st August 2017

Typesetting and vocal harmonies are on the agenda tonight when we invite Christian Brett (collaborator with Penny Rimbaud) and Boff Whalley (conductor with Commoners Choir) into the studio to talk abour anarchy, acapella, punk and page layouts.

17th August 2017

Vegan, Riot Grrl, Straight Edge, Punk sibling duo from northern Scotland Bratakus featured tonight. Plus a preview of Penny Rimbaud’s exhibition in Manchester and give an exclusive on the upcoming Wadeye release.

20th July 2017

East Anglia’s The Domestics talk about their new album and EP, plus fanzines and European tours. Plus music from the new Commoners Choir album.

6th July 2017

Marion from Pies Not Prisons joins us to talk about a campaign to oppose a planned mega prison in Wigan. Plus music and what’s on guide

22nd June 2017

Jessi Eastfield plays live in the studio in this special preview to the 0161 festival in Manchester.

8th June 2017

2017 General Election Special. As we keenly await the outcome of democracy, we are joined in our bunker in Levenshulme by Partisan Collective and James from PM Press. This episode features the first airing of the radio-friendly version of Maggie by The Exploited.

25th May 2017

Anarcho-thrashers Grand Collapse talk to us from outside the first date of their UK tour in Cardiff, while Phil Strummercamp sets up for this year’s festival in Cheadle Hulme. We’re not getting caught up in election fever, but we’ve opened two consecutive shows with Chumbawamba…

11th May 2017

As election fever sweeps across the country and claims countless victims, this broadcast goes out from our quarantined bunker in Levenshulme. We blow the dust off some agit-pop classics alongside session tracks to reach out to those people not yet stricken down by bad democracy.

27th April 2017

David and Veg are joined by Kat from Stop the Arms Fair Network. Plus looking ahead to 0161 Festival and Manchester Punks’ Picnic… in August!

13th April 2017

Vegan myths exploded and explosive music previewed! We talk to the Vegan Society about dubious news stories doing the rounds (and where they came from) and Danny from Manchester mathpunx Fair Dos about the upcoming Manchester Punk Festival. Only on the people’s favourite anarchistic radio show.

30th March 2017


16th March 2017

Kelly from Los Antojitos joins us on Under The Pavement Radio Show to talk about why she gave up life on the road working with bands to start up her own vegan pop up selling Mexican hot food and sauces.


2nd  March 2017

Firstly Matt Woods is a hero. Bolshy live in the studio – using Matt’s guitar – previewing their debut album. Sam and Molly stick around to talk DIY culture and politics on what was in many ways a truly anarchic show….

2nd February 2017

Singer/songwriter Chris Butler is live in the studio, alongside Partisan Collective, who talk about Monday night’s protest against Trump’s immigration policy and a brighter future for Manchester. Over Levenshulme, the sun always shines.

5th January 2017

UtP 5 Jan 2017. 2017 starts on a totally positive note when TV Smith talks about publishing his song lyrics as the Alternative Top 50. We look back to brilliant live sessions from 2016, and forward to a brilliant year ahead. So stick that up your arse all the “populist” fascist twats who’d want to make the world a worse place. 2017 is going to be ace.

22nd December 2016

The Lab Rats join us live for the last show of the year. Yay. They were ace.

8th December 2016

Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair preview! Cubesville is back after a break, while David is mysteriously absent. But who is this week’s guest? Sounds familiar?

24th November 2016

Alternative post-punk trio LIINES join David and Veg live in the studio for an anarchic two hours of radio talking Ladyfest, releasing records on vinyl (though none of the band have turntables), record shops and their upcoming gig at Aatma!
We enjoyed it and hope you do too!

10th November 2016

The first Under The Pavement post Trump election. A mix of random chat and great music.

27th October 2016

An Under The Pavement Special with Jon Langford (of Mekons, Three Johns and Men of Gwent) who talks music, politics and art in the upstairs room of Fred’s Ale House in Levenshulme, Manchester where he was performing as part of Langfest.

13th October 2016

UtP 13 Oct 16 Pint for Partisan Collective? Donate £3 to these beautiful folks who are saving up for DIY space in central Manchester. Plus we talk to this weekend’s Carefully Planned Collective – 160-odd bands, and tries to be Clash-free… no Mick Jones or Paul Simenon then…? Manchester is rocking and we are proud to be a small part of massive massive potential.

29th September 2016

UtP 29 Sept 2016. We bring you a preview of the upcoming documentary of old-school Labour MP Dennis Skinner. Plus you get a preview of Ladyfest Manchester together with TangerinecAt interviewed live in the studio!!!

15th September 2016

Norman is safe and there’s little else we can do but sit around and talk about the weather. Oh, and get through some old session tracks. And preview some events. And digress. Massively.

1st September 2016

UtP revisits a recent interview with feminist technical hardcore band Petrol Girls and feminist popsters Le Tigre from 2006! Tune in as Cubes gears up for Common Ground and David gets excited about Levenshulme’s LangFest. Festival season is over…but that’s not stopping us.

18th August 2016

This action-packed show takes you from Manchester’s Peterloo massacre, to Wigan DIY stalward Cav Kelly (live in the studio) to the political situation in Brazil during the Olympics.

4th August 2016

Little Hero (aka Pete from Slice of Life) joins us in the studio to play live and preview his upcoming album with Three Dimensional Tanx. Plus Chi and Alex from Partisan Collective come into the studio to give an update on Manchester’s coolest, most positive shared space, and hint on exciting things to come. The future is as bright as the present.

21st July 2016

Steve from Social Science Centre project, Manchester talks about THE most radical further education project to hit Manchester in recent years – a free DIY social sciences course. This is revolutionary. Plus the new single by Bolshy and all the usual anarchy on the airwaves….

7th July 2016

From a play about FC United in north Manchester to reports of squatted social centres in Slovenia  plus loads of new music and selections from guests who’ve recorded sessions live in the studio.

23rd June 2016

UtP 23 June 2016. As the nation votes whether to remain in the European Union, this special show brings you DIY music from around the continent. We also catch up with Ren, singer for post-hardcore feminist/activist band Petrol Girls, before their performance in Liverpool’s Next to Nowhere.

9th June 2016

Anarchy meets ornithology when Arctic Turn makes an unscheduled visit to the studio. Alana Bondi recruits Bingo Harry’s Russ on violin to preview her new EP and we argue the odds on bird watching, obscure punk facts and censorship. This radio show will change your life.

26th May 2016

The Lab Rats join us live in the studio to showcase some new tunes, and talk about being on the road with Oi Polloi, recipes for rhubarb and favourite animal films. In between which we play the latest DIY releases. Anarchy on the airwaves!!

12th May 2016

Localism and anarchy! This show, Ciara talks about the play Dare To Be Free about Mary Quaile, a trade union activist who lived in Levenshulme on Barlow Road, to be performed at Levenshulme Inspire on Saturday. Plus special guests and old friends of the show, John Player Specials join us fresh from their performance at the Levenshulme Klondyke Club not two minutes from the station.

28th April 2016

The show when Villy (Dead Class), Jez Sings Things and Tony and Louis (Dead Good Gathering) all totally nailed it live on air. Frontperson for Liverpool punkers Dead Class, Villy, bangs out some band and solo tunes, while this is Jez makes her last appearance on the show before motherhood. Meanwhile, Tony and Louis talk about Liverpool DIY music to make this a totally vibrant airing of your favourite anarchist radio show.

14th April 2016

We gave the show over to the Manchester Punk Festival and it was a belter. Mikey Wong, Andy TNS and Ian Tree directed the show, while Mr Cubesville engaged them in conversation about DIY music, working collaboratively and sowing the seeds for a co-operative-run society. All totally feasible.

31st March 2016

Max Watson talking about To Hell With Compromise: The Story of Barry Horne film project

17th March 2016

Faintest Idea vs The Baggy Trousered Misanthropists: Bookish, anarchistic, Faintest Idea frontperson Dani joins us from Kings Lynn to talk about the latest ska-punk offering from the far east (Norfolk). Meanwhile, Cubesville does his level best to rein in his anger at yesterday’s budget, while David almost calls David Cameron an “alleged” pig fondler. Tune in to proper FM radio, broadcast to the good people of Levenshulme on St Patrick’s night 2016. Remember the night it all began…

3rd March 2016

Social centres and live thrash – that’s what it’s all about! The nation’s favourite anarchist radio show brings you live music from Manchester hardcore duo Toute Suite, and we also welcome into the studio Partisan Collective – the exciting, innovative, movement to establish a social centre in Manchester. Wow!

18th February 2016

UtP 18 Feb 2016. Postpunk progenitors Gang of Four’s founding member Andy Gill is our guest on this week’s show. Mr Cubesville takes a solo voyage of Anarchy on the Airwaves, while Mr David takes a sabbatical and showcases the new Accidente album, while playing as much punky jazzy metally music as he can fit into two hours….

4th February 2016

Bringing you the latest in grassroots activism and DIY sounds, this week we hear from author Bernadette Hyland on her book Northern Resisters and folk from Plan C on Revolution in Rojava – the left wing/anarchist movement in Kurdistan. Oh, and there’s a load of DIY sounds to inspire you too. Your fortnightly voyage of @narchy on the @irwaves.

21st January 2016

UtP 21 Jan 2016 UtP rocks with Adam from Toute Suite guesting as DJ alongside regulars David and Cubesville. Oh, didn’t we tell you we were digging out a Ruts DC interview from last summer’s Strummercamp? Only the best from your favourite Levenshulme anarchist radio show!!!

7th January 2016

Yes folks, UtP makes full use of two presenters, kicking-off the New Year by simultaneously looking back to 2015 and forwards to 2016. We play exclusive session tracks from 2015, and cover poignant topics such as DIY venues, the internet and frozen food bargains in Levenshulme. Full steam ahead for Anarchy on the Airwaves.

10th December 2015

It’s not xmas! While the nation launches into its annual shopping festival, your favourite xmas grinches bring you anarchy on the airwaves – and it don’t cost you a penny. Topics up for discussion tonight include Manchester’s lost venues, the future of the internet and vegan beer.

26th November 2015

This week, Johnny Sly joins us for a breathtaking session, to push back the boundaries of DIY. Truly anarchy on the airwaves!

12th November 2015

As a special preview to Ladyfest Manchester 2015, we are joined by Perkie, Niki and Hebe, all of whom are involved in Saturday’s event – Perkie plays live in the studio, while organisers Niki and Hebe talk politics, practical skills and punk DIY ethics in an event that promises to raise the bar in all possible permutations. This show rocks!

29th October 2015

Wadeye totally kick it with their first radio session. The band joins us to talk about Manchester DIY music, playing the anti-tory Piccadilly festival and refugee camps in Calais. Otherwise, Mr Cubesville gets irate about the misuse of the apostrophe. And it’s Halloween so we start the show with Iron Maiden.

15th October 2015

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans, and the US government left the population stranded with no assistance, Scott Crow and his friends jumped in and set up a self-help group which was to become the country’s largest anarchist organisation. We talk to Scott about his new book on his experiences, ahead of a UK tour. And we have all the latest in DIY music and grass roots politics…

1st October 2015

Attila the Stockbroker talks to Cubesville and David about his autobiography covering his 35 years as a poet and airs an exclusive version of his new poem Corbyn Supporters from Hell. The show looks ahead to the weekend’s Conservative Party Conference and the city’s response to it. Plus a selection of music and what’s on guide.

17th September 2015

The shipping forecast says there are topical thunderstorms looming ahead, but that does not deter us from setting sail on our fortnightly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves. As left wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn wins a landslide victory as leader of the Labour party, Manchester readies itself for the Conservative Party conference, Northern Rail hints on reconditioned tube trains for Manchester and trombone hero Rico passes away, there are fair winds and foul to speed us on our way as we weigh anchor for the latest edition of Under the Pavement.

3rd September 2015

Paranoid Visions​ guitarist Pete joins us from Dublin to talk about the band’s longevity, and long-standing feud with U2. Meanwhile, we gear up for DIY extravaganza Dirty Weekend Festival with some enlivening tunes and talk all the usual rubbish about stuff like. Good to be back after a summer break.

3rd August 2015

Short sharp succinct sounds are accompanied with long digressions as we bring you the very latest in South/Central Manchester DIY culture.


23rd July 2015

Protest folk singer Chris Butler makes his seventh appearance on Under the Pavement – listen out for his excellent acoustic version of Conflict’s Mighty and Superior!! We are also joined by Simon of Box Social for a preview of the upcoming eclectic, experimental festival down the road at the Klondyke Club. Plus the latest in DIY culture.


9th July 2015

13 years and counting! UtP founder Loukas makes his show debut from Sweden 13 years after thinking up the name. This retrospective is suitably contemporary with the latest DIY sounds and round-up of Manchester happenings, including AllFM DJ Vicky joining us for an update on the station’s 15th anniversary! And happy 80th Vi Subversa!!!


25th June 2015

This fortnight’s show is a radical film special where in the first half David and Cubesville and joined by Sarah and Steve from the Manchester Film Co-op.
In the second hour we play out an interview with Test Dept’s Paul Jamrozy and Graham Cunnington talking about their DS30 film produced as part of the AV Festival.
Plus a what’s on guide and music covering all bases from jazz to 1980’s Yugoslavian DIY punk rock!


11th June 2015

Did you know Poison Idea’s Jerry A is a big fan of The Smiths? Neither did we until we caught up with him before Poison Idea played the Star and Garter a few weeks ago. Hear Jerry’s interview, interlaced with blasts of Poison Idea’s extensive back catalogue. Also this show, we get a preview of an interview with metal bashers Test Dept, a review of the latest anarchist paper publications and an extensive berating of the UK banking system/university system (it’s much the same to us).


28th May 2015

David and Veg in the studio (as Cubesville takes a break) with a mix of new music, older stuff plus what’s on guide and searing political comment…


14th May 2015

We preview the much-anticipated album by Wigan/Manchester ska superstars John Player Specials, with a (gremlined) interview with trumpeter Johnnie. And we showcase the new album by bi-lingual guitar guerrilla Efa Supertramp. And that’s alongside all the usual DIY/anarcho subcultural stuff.


30th April 2015

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) threatens to undermine civil society. And hardly anyone knows about it. Find out about it on this week’s UtP. We also preview the 0161 anti fascist festival and bring you chat and the latest underground and DIY music.


16th April 2015

Veg joins David and Cubesville in the studio to talk about the 0161 Anti-Fascist festival which takes place in Moston, north Manchester, over May Day Bank Holiday Weekend. Playlist includes music from a number of bands from across the globe playing the festival.


2nd April 2015

Manchester Punk Festival Special with Bev, Andy and Tree.


19th March 2015

This week we’re joined in the studio by Technical Gremlins. Otherwise, we’re talking telephone numbers. Quite literally. And reviewing the latest in DIY music and grass roots politics.


5th March 2015

In the new earlier fortnightly slot this week local becomes global. We talk about how grass roots resistance in Mexico mirrors the global economy, with Manchester for Ayotzinapa and Manchester Zapatista Collective. PLUS, we’re joined by organisers of LadyFestMCR to talk about how DIY music is giving women a voice ahead of the LadyFest event across the road in Levenshulme Klondyke Club.


19th February 2015

Whilst Cubesville takes a well earned break David and Veg are in the ALL FM studio overcoming technical gremlins to chat to Tom of Real Media about the power of the media, the Daily Wail campaign and their event on Saturday 28th February. 
Find out more at:


12th February 2015

All bases covered here. Books. Riot Grrrl. The continuing inequality between worker and factory owner DESPITE the apparent democratisation of the internet. As if that makes any difference to the fundamental flaws in Western society! I mean! Come on! Oh, and all the best DIY tunes delivered across south and central Manchester (and Stockport) every Thursday night.


5th February 2015

Remembering Robert Tressell, author of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.
Dan Draper maker of the film documentary Still Ragged and Martin Chomsky of RTP Downsized.
Technical gremlins mean that this week’s show is only an hour and a half long.


29th January 2015

UtP challenges politics, technology and the very ground we stand on in a weekly cruise of anarchy on the airwaves.


22nd January

UtP steers you safely through the choppy waters of 21st Century with its weekly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves. Topics include election jingles, humous, advertising and 20th Century literature.


15th January 2015

Ranting through austerity-Britain in the run-up to the election and the surveillance-obsessed police state that aristocratic politicians promise lies beyond, Under the Pavement brings you a reassuring weekly helping of anarchy on the airwaves with happy tunes to cheer you up. Enjoy.


8th January 2015

Back after the xmas break (An example of Christian hegemony over a pagan festival), Under the Pavement welcomes in the new year (an example of how capitalism has enslaved us to the calendar and the clock) with more anarchy on the airwaves.


18th December 2014

Ho ho ho!!! UtP rounds up 2014’s political highs and lows with exclusive session tracks from this year’s guests, interspersed with off-the-wall xmas hits from yesteryear. Not one to be missed. As those jolly anarcho-pranksters Crass so exquisitely put it: If you’re munching your delicious Christmas turkey at the moment, I hope it fucking chokes you!


11th December 2014

It starts and ends with the Poison Girls! Bringing you the (mostly) latest in DIY/alternative music and politics, we took a count of the split between male/female fronted bands in this week’s playlist. You know what – it was 50/50! Pioneering bands such as the Poison Girls (whose singer Vi Subversa is 80 next year) paved the way! The revolution is here and it’s pretty noisy. Enjoy.


4th December 2014

The Ragged Trousered Martin Chonsky joins us this week to talk about his re-work of Robert Tressell’s classic novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist – as a story book and even an audio book. And we all agree conditions for ordinary people (job security etc) have changed so little that it’s a very pertinent book for 2014. And to cheer us up we have a bag full of the latest DIY tunes from the most cutting edge artists on the entire planet!!!!


27th November 2014

Cubesville DID have inky hands from putting the latest issue of One Way Ticket to Cubesville fanzine together in preparation for the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair taking place at the People’s History Museum this Saturday. (See for full details of the bookfair, not the inky hands. Read the fanzine for that).
Hear Veg and David interview themselves and after Carol and Pete’s whistling on last week’s show, playing songs with whistling in.


20th November 2014

Live in the studio are Carol and Pete of Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life (among other projects), playing old and new songs and previewing next Friday’s gig. Manchester Mule editor Kat previews next week’s Manchester Campaigns Bazaar. And brand new music from the likes of Warrington folkpunks Roughneck Riot and SxEx anarchists Hello Bastards. While David’s away, Cubesville and Veg have a lot to play!


13th November 2014

It’s David and Veg in the studio with two hours of anarchy in the airwaves. Cubesville is there in spirit with an interview with Accidente from Barcelona.
Plus lots of music (new and old) plus news, comment and what’s on guide.


6th November 2014

UtP returns for a weekly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves with new tracks from Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life, Cubesville’s roundup and recommendations of George Orwell novels and David gearing up for the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair. And trad jazz great Acker Bilk remembered.


30th October 2014

Win a Cake Liberation Front Join The Uprising T Shirt by listening to this week’s show:
Caroline from Cake Liberation Front joins us to talk about veganism, vegan friendly eating places in Manchester, London, Brooklyn and Berlin.
Quiet Loner performs an exclusive track answering that question “What Do Vegans Eat?” and David and Cubesville eat homemade vegan cheese and chocolate tiffin!
We even manage to play a bit of music! This is what happens when you get four vegans in a radio studio in Levenshulme.
Anarchy on the airwaves indeed!


23rd October 2014

Steve Ignorant’s new album gets an airing, as does the new compilation of alternative Bradford music, Noise from the Valleys. Plus Cubesville gives a round-up of punk gigs in Barcelona to complete your weekly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves.


16th October 2014

No Cubesville this week so David and Veg are let loose in the studio for two hours of anarchy on the airwaves. Lots of talk, music (new and old) from anti-apartheid South African jazz, New York No Wave, Brazilian hardcore and more.
Add to this a what’s on guide and that’s this week’s Under The Pavement Radio Show.


9th October 2014

The thought of keeping animals in circuses is thankfully fading fast. But animal rights campaigners question the role of zoos and hidden abuses such as the pet trade. Niccy joins us to talk about the work of the Captive Animals Protection Society ahead of their benefit gig in Manchester on Friday 17 October. And we have the usual eclectic mix of music, including archive session tracks from John Player Specials and Joe York. As usual, unmissable.


2nd October 2014

On this week’s show our guest is Mark Stewart of The Pop Group. In this interview Mark’s excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming The Pop Group tour and releases come across covering punk, politics, the Bristol scene, the Manchester Factory scene, Crass, DIY, crowd funding the new releases and much more.
There’s also some time for a bit of music, brief book review and what’s on guide.


25th September 2014

Duncan Ballantyne compiler of Peru Bravo “Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru’s Radical Decade” plus, in the second hour Steve talking about the first Bradford and Leeds Anarchist Bookfair taking place at the 1 in 12 Club, Bradford (the West Yorkshire one)


18th September 2014

As the polls close in Scotland Cubesville and David are joined in the studio by Veg (originally from Scotland, now living in Manchester) to give an anarchist view of the independence vote.
Plus Norman Sills of Norman Silver and the Gold live from Edinburgh!
Add to this an all Scottish playlist and a what’s on guide.


11th September 2014

Artist Sophie joins David and Cubesville in the studio.
The show discusses art and politics including the independence vote in Scotland, crowd sourcing and crowd funding, future guests and more!
Add in a mix of new and old music from across the globe and a what’s on guide that’s this week’s Under The Pavement Radio Show.


4th September 2014

On this week’s Under The Pavement Radio Show David and Cubesville look ahead to this weekend’s Dirty Weekend Festival reviewing the Dirty Weekend Festival app (available for iOS and Android) and playing tracks from Oi Polloi, Police Bastard, Culture Shock, Black Star Dub Collective and Global Parasite.
Add in more music including tracks from Ste McCabe’s brand new album, Boff Whalley’s latest play, Peruvian rock, off topic chat and a what’s on guide.


28th August 2014

Max Watson talks about: Jill’s The Film, The Story of an Inspirational Activist
The film tells the tragic story of Jill who was crushed to death whilst protesting against the live export of calves on 1st Feb 1995.
Max talks about his involvement in campaigning as well as his friendship with Jill’s mum, Nancy Phipps, who continued to be active in the animal rights movement until her death.
However despite the theme of the show this is a lively show that bounces between sillyness and seriousness.


14th August 2014

Faceless bureaucrats and profit-junky corporations are disentangling the very fabric of our society and we don’t even know about it. How can a cigarette maker be allowed to take the government in Uruguay to court for putting health warnings on cigarette packets? Or the Canadian government be sued for restricting fracking companies? Leonie from Ethical Consumer magazine provides some answers when she joins us to talk about the potential impacts of TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Meanwhile, why do punk bands do so badly when they lose their singer? Cubesville has some of his own answers. Anarchy on the airwaves!!


7th August 2014

As a weekend of festivals approaches David and Cubesville look ahead to Rebellion and Boom Town, playing tracks from acts appearing as well as new music from across the planet.
Throw in discussion of a Salford Star piece highlighting “the high level of collusion between Salford Council, IGas, Greater Manchester Police, Peel Holdings and other organisations recent Barton Moss anti-fracking protests”, unions and big business, the resurgence of Class War as a political force and a what’s on guide.
That’s this week’s Under The Pavement: Anarchy On The Airwaves.


31st July 2014

Freedom, peace and unity is what it’s all about! Your weekly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves brings you dissident sounds and poignant, incisive comment, with music spanning Billie Holliday to the Chomsky Allstars.


17th July 2014

In these post modern times, we’re told the grand narratives are dead. But how is it that two grand personalities such as David and Cubesville narrate the evolution of DIY music, culture and politics as it happens every Thursday across south/central Manchester at 11pm? And how is it in the modern age of computers and stuff, that these guys have such great difficulty working them? This show won’t give you those answers. But it will give you the best alternative music and radical banter on radio. Enjoy.


10th July 2014

Known as the Nashville of the Peak District, Belper is a hotbed of dissident folk and country punk. And from that fine town comes Cris Butler, who joins us live in the studio to play from his latest album, If Not Now, When.


3rd July 2014

Phil from Bug joins us live in the studio with his acoustic guitar to play a few songs


26th June 2014

Mike from Anarchist Federation joins us to talk about Bakunin- The Spirit of Revolt!
Cubesville explains the difference between the musical styles of grindcore and power violence, death metal and black metal…
Plus political chat, what’s on guide and lots of music…
[mixcloud] June 2014[/mixcloud]

12th June 2014

On the day that the World Cup kicks off and the Sun “newspaper” gets posted through 22 million letterboxes David and Cubesville wonder what they’d prefer to get pushed through their letterboxes.
Cubesville asks where is Bacup, Lancashire and whether the X43 Witch Way buses are named after Pendle witches or members of Chumbawamba.
Plus the usual mix of anarchic politics and thought provoking music!
PS: If you want to return your copy of The Sun post it to: FREEPOST, The Sun, London E98 1AX


5th June 2014

David and Cubesville play some great female fronted DIY/ Punk music to kick off the show, talk about shellac (the substance, not the Steve Albini band), The Punk Singer: A Film About Kathleen Hanna and the new Cop Problem 7″ out now via Prejudice Me Records.
That’s just the first half hour of the show…
Loads of new music, off topic talk where Cubesville offers fashion advice (black is the new black, apparently) and what’s on guide.
Closes with two songs with the same name. That’s bound to confuse things…


29th May 2014

David and Cubesville, still reeling from being 43rd in the Mixcloud Punk Chart, in the ALL FM 96.9 studios bring you talk, music and a what’s on guide…


22nd May 2014

David and Cubesville catch up with new, and not so new, music and look ahead to what’s happening in Manchester over coming weeks…


15th May 2014

Phil from Strummercamp and Phil from Bug (who are playing at Strummercamp) talk about the origins of the festival, Joe Strummer’s legacy, punk rock, family friendly festivals and beer!
Cubesville provides the intense/ in tents puns!


8th May 2014

Under The Pavement Radio Show originally broadcast on 8th May on ALL FM 96.9 featuring lots of new music and what’s on guide. Anarchy on the airwaves…


1st May 2014

This week’s show featured loads of folk from Manchester Social Centre: Subrosa
Find out more at:


24th April 2014

Martin Chomsky talks to David and Veg about RTPDownsized, a modern graphic novel/ audio book update of the classic Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.


17th April 2014

Despite a lack of guests David and Veg look forward to the 0161 Festival taking place in Manchester over May Day Bank Holiday Weekend.


10th April 2014

Andy of Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and TNS Records tells us why this weekend they’ll be celebrating ten years of DIY punk rock.


3rd April 2014

The April 3rd 2014 edition of Under The Pavement Radio Show says David alone in the studio playing a mix of music and offering a What’s On guide for upcoming weeks.


27th March 2014

The Ex and The Yossarians both join us for our weekly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves


20th March 2014

David and Veg in the studio playing a mix of music, talking politics and looking ahead to events and gigs.


13th March 2014

UtP brings you the usual mix of post-apocalyptic banter and utopian sounds in the show that’s got Levenshulme talking. About moving to Longsight.


6th March 2014

Samuel Becket wrote two excellent and absurdist plays about the futility of the human condition. In Krapp’s Last Tape, and elderly man listens to his own voice recorded in the past. In Waiting for Godot, two imbeciles fill the void with idle chit-chat while waiting for someone who never appears. John Player Specials were our Godot. This is a show of truly Becketian proportions. Thrill as Cubesville returns a book to David. Marvel at the rant about the Salutation pub. And get really angry about so-called “apolitical punk”. In true Becketian style, we will deliver the next show sat in dustbins.


27th February 2014

Poet Andy Carrington makes his way across the Pennies to talk about his work ahead of the 0161 festival and read his hard-hitting material live on air!
A is for Activist. A is for Anarchist. A is for Andy Carrington. A is also for Acker Bilk, with whom we opened the show. A show not to be missed.


20th February 2014

With no CubesVille this week David and Veg are left to their own devices for a two hour show with a mix of music, chat, incisive social comment and what’s on guide…


13th February 2014

Andy T. live in the studio w/ Pete of the Wrecks/ Slice of Life performing a number of tracks. Also features Andy’s recently-recorded stuff with Doom.


6th February 2014

Epic Problem’s Jake and Mackie joined us in the studio to talk about their new EP and to play a live acoustic track off it!!!! We also talk about New Mills – the punk capital of the world.


30th January 2014

There’s a software civil war raging – which side are you on? Anna from I Love Free Software Festival talks us through revolutionary DIY freeware versus the cavalier attitudes of big business. She’s bright as a button and really entertaining.


23rd January 2014

David and Richard are joined by Eva from Frack Free Greater Manchester/ Barton Moss Community Protection Camp.


16th January 2014

Richard and David look ahead to future guests and talk fracking, class and comedy.
Plus what’s on guide and loads of music!


9th January 2014

For the first show of 2014 Boff Whalley joins David and Veg to talk about “Wrong ‘Un A Suffragette’s Story”, a new one-woman musical written by Boff and directed by Justin Audibert.


19th December 2013

The Under The Pavement Xmas Special is now online.
A packed end of year show with Richard Cubesville, Veg and (eventually) David crammed into the cosy confines of the ALL FM studios in Levenshulme.
Christmas chat and a completely festive playlist.


12th December 2013

This week’s guest is Martin (from Chomsky All Stars) author of the graphic novel of the Ragged Trouser Philanthropist


5th December 2013

Joe Yorke joins Richard and David in the studio to talk about his music and to play three tracks live in session.


28th November 2013

Carol Hodge is Crystal Grenade! Carol joins David and Veg to talk about her new album as Crystal Grenade, Lo! and Behold performing three tracks from the album live in the studio.
Plus more music and a what’s on guide.


21st November 2013

An evening of acoustic music and performance poetry with Chris Butler and Dwane Reads from Derbyshire joining David and Richard live in the studio.


14th November 2013

Looking ahead to the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 23rd November at the People’s History Museum.


7th November 2013

The return of Black Light Mutants, interviewed on the show prior to their gig at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair After Party.
Features three exclusive live session tracks.


31st October 2013

It’s Halloween 2013 and Richard and David play out an interview with Finnish anarcho punks 1981. An interview conducted on a busy Wilmslow Road, in South Manchester on an October evening.


24th October 2013

After a week off Cubesville is back in the studio putting the world to rights. There’s a a mixed bag of music and the regular what’s on guide.


17th October 2013

Guest presenter Veg joins David in the studio to talk about the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair.
Plus a mix of music and a what’s on guide.


10th October 2013

David and Richard kick off the show with an on air singalong to Louis Lingg and The Bombs Alphabet of a Revolution Final Exam.
“Barmy French band on @UTPRadio Barmy in a good way”.
A mixed bag of new and old music inspires talk about anti-fascism, activist wins, the impact and importance of music, the badger cull and much, much more.
Plus the weekly round up of activist activities in Manchester.
What’s not to like?


26th September 2013

In this week’s show David and Cubesville are in the studio looking ahead to the Conservative Party conference taking place in Manchester this week…
As listener Arlene Finnigan puts it “And tonight on Under The Pavement Radio Show: pub recommendations in Bury, a song about George Osborne getting bullied as a child and the non-linear concept of time. Sod this, I’m putting the shipping forecast on or i won’t sleep”.


12th September 2013

“You’ve been confirmed? Is that where they cut the end off?”
“where’s good for books?” “the library?”
Richard and David offer razor sharp observations about religion and books in the digital age in tonight’s episode originally broadcast on ALL FM 96.9 on Thursday 12th September 2013!
Plus music and what’s on guide!


5th September 2013

A Dirty Weekend Festival preview as we look forward to this weekend’s DIY punk festival in Wrexham, North Wales.


29th August 2013

Jez Sings Things (aka The Artiste Formerly Known as Jezebelleza) brings her piano into the studio to sing songs live. She rocks. And we all have a brilliant time. Cool.


22nd August 2013

David and Cubesville both in the studio for the 22nd August 2013 edition of Under The Pavement originally broadcast on ALL FM 96.9 featuring lots of music, chat and a few what’s ons for the coming weeks.


15th August 2013

Oh no! Mr Cubesville is home alone and causing chaos in the studio this week. He’s totally pumped up from watching Japanese punks A Page of Punk and won’t let it lie. Two hours later, south/central Manchester got the message about DIY punk…


1st August 2013

Just David, Just an hour…


Many of the tracks on tonight’s show are from: A Benefit Compilation In Love & Solidarity With Kostas Sakkas download compilations Volume One and Two.
Download here:
Volume One:
Volume Two:

25th July 2013

UtP says: “Happy birthday Zoe!” with its weekly anarchic voyage across the airwaves of south/central Manchester.


18th July 2013

The show features an interview with Steve Ignorant of Crass talking about his new projects Slice of Life and working with Paranoid Visions (including an exclusive airing of the new seven inch single Join The Dots) plus loads of music, what’s on guide and off topic rambling!


11th July 2013

The world never changed overnight… or did it? One hot summers night in austerity-hit Levenshulme, Under the Pavement took to the airwaves with a message of hope and some damn fine music under their arms. They fought a running battle with a dodgy mixing desk to bring that message to the good people of south/central Manchester. And thanks to the wonder of the internet, you too can enjoy the moment when (despite it all going wrong) it all went incredibly right. Enjoy.


4th July 2013

Carole and Pete from Wrecks come on the show to talk about their gigs with Steve Ignorant from Crass as Slice of Life, as well as Bad Taste Barbies, the delights of “Belper: The Nashville of the Peak District” and what gig is Mikey Wong at tonight!
Includes a live acoustic version of Wrecks’ Be Still.
Full show.


13th June 2013

Chris Butler joins us live in the studio to talk about music, politics and Belper.
He plays three brand new songs live in the studio: The Seagull and The Skinhead, Parliament Pays Tribute To Baroness Thatcher and The Worst Teeth In Showbiz


6th June 2013

Andy from Love Music Hate Racism joins us for a chat and some tunes ahead of a LMHR event on Saturday. Plus, we debut new 7″ singles by Zounds and Grand Collapse. Oh yeah!


30th May 2013

Jozef from Infiltrate The System joins Richard and David in the studio and gets a word or two in to talk about his anti-fascist compilation, new record releases and gigs.
Plus the usual banter, off topic conversation, what’s on guide and rigorous intellectual political discourse about the issues of the day.
Anarchy on the airwaves indeed!


23rd May 2013

A show previewing Strummercamp, a festival inspired by Joe Strummer, which takes place this Bank Holiday Weekend.
Includes music from lots of the bands playing the festival.


16th May

Under The Pavement Radio Show from 13th May 2013 featuring music, what’s on guide and bus routes to Strummercamp.


9th May 2013

A revolutionary mix from Richard Cubesville as he selects tracks from Serious Drinking, Gil Scot Heron and Andy T. whilst the gremlins scupper David’s carefully chosen playlist!


2nd May 2013

As the sun arrives in Manchester the show kicks off with The Undertones Here Comes The Summer and includes lots of great new music, chat and what’s on guide.
Will Peter’s Sneaky Peeks become a regular feature?


25th April 2013

Natalie of Shrieking Violet zine joins us to talk about the Victoria Baths Fanzine Fair taking place on Sunday 5th May.
(Find out more at:…)
The discussion covers Ian MacKaye’s public transport needs and appearances on children’s TV, 10cc and Bury FC, Who sounds most like Alan Partridge, The use of apostrophes and more…


18th April 2013

Just a one hour show this week, but a packed one as we are joined by John Potash Author of “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders” who talks in detail about the book including the link between music and politics.


11th April 2013

Ding-Dong! the Witch Is Dead: A Thatcher Special!
We chat to Attila The Stockbroker who performs his latest poem “A Hellish Encounter” live on air, plus Chomsky Allstars talking about their track So Long.
Music wise we’ve got tracks from Chumbawamba’s new release In Memoriam, Judy Garland and much more!
“@UTPRadio Truly, this was your finest hour. If there was any justice you’d win a Sony award for this”.
Arlene, Liverpool


28th March 2013

Under The Pavement Radio Show broadcast on 28th March 2013 with full house of David, Cubesville, Spike and Lauren


21st March 2013

Aslan and Mike from Salford rap collective Class Actions join us in the studio to talk music and politics.


14th March 2013

Talk and music heavy show from Under The Pavement this week.
We hope the technical issues in second half don’t put you off!


7th March 2013

Folk punks Paper Town join us to bash out a shed load of tunes live in the studio.


28th February 2013

The Sanity Clause play live in the studio for our weekly dose of anarchy on the airwaves.


21st February 2013

Another revolution is possible! To mark 75 years since the publication of George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, we talk to Christopher Hall of Len Crome Memorial Lecture about an upcoming event based around the book. We talk about anarchy, revolution and Orwell’s meticulous account of his experiences in Spain in 1936. And we play lots of great music too.


14th February 2013

Andy joins us this week to talk about the upcoming event with the catchy title Love Music Hate Racism/ Manchester City United To Stop The EDL. Our multicultural, multifarious response to the “politics of despair” features previews of new singles by Manchester’s Sonic Boom Six and Vitriolic Response. And a classic track by the Poison Girls deals with Valentine’s Day.


7th February 2013

This week we talk to Mike from the Anarchist Federation about the Anarchist Black Cross and its work with Belorussian prisoners. And we play dissonant, dissident sounds.


31st January 2013

Gee Vaucher (Crass) is interviewed at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair in December 2013 talking about Teatime Collective’s cakes and poet Andy T.
Plus loads of new music and what’s on guide!


24th January 2013

Manchester pop-punkers Holiday play live in the studio in this thrilling installment of the people’s favourite, Under the Pavement. Taking you through the night with your weekly voyage of anarchy on the airwaves, we promise to float your boat with topical banter and astute political analysis.


17th January 2012

Manchester affirms its solidarity with Cuban and Mexican revolutionaries in this preview of the Making Another World Real (Latin America Now). We talk to Bruce and Lia about how the lessons learned in Latin America can be transposed onto Manchester now. Cool. And we’ve lots of Latin American music too.


10th January 2013

We visit the Salford Zine Library to hear about its rich and diverse range of DIY publications. This week we also preview the latest release by the Blacklight Mutants and Gunpowder Plot. Cool.


13th December 2012

Conflict’s Colin Jerwood talks to the Under the Pavement team before taking to the stage at Manchester’s Star and Garter. And what a bloody good interview it is too! Meanwhile, there’s the usual bants with showcases of the latest Berlin Riot Grrrl compilation and Manchester poppunx Holiday.


29th November 2012

Tomorrow’s Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair comes under the spotlight when Spike and Cubesville are joined by its organisers, Veg and the mysterious David. All revealed in your weekly helping of Anarchy on the Airwaves…..


22nd November 2012

Belper folk legend Chris Butler wields his guitar live in the studio in this breathless edition of South Manchester’s favourite anarchist radio show, Under the Pavement.


15th November 2012

The OK Cafe is back! Guests on this week’s show are members of Manchester’s premier occasional cafe venue as it opens its doors once again for three weeks of intensive libertarian activity. Cool. Plus the latest dissident sounds.


8th November 2012

UtP presents anarchy on the airwaves. On the day that TWO of the Olympic cycling team were knocked over in Greater Manchester, we talk about the folly of the automobile. We have a sneak preview of the Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair and bags and bags of new tunes. Enjoy.


1st November 2012

Under the Pavement presents anarchy on the airwaves. Tonight we speak to Mick from Manchester Open Rights Group and belt out some right good tunes.


25th October 2012

Pianokey on the airwaves! Jezabelezza joins us live in the studio to play songs from her new album. Which rocks by the way.


18th October 2012

Revenge of the Psychrotronic Man joined us in the studio to chew the fat on their new album Shattered Dreams Parkway. Expect serious discussion on DIY music and libertarian views on Manchester 2012… to a cacophony of belching and a few ribald drinking stories to-boot.


11th October 2012

Laila and Barney from the Sonic Boom Six join us in the studio and play a live acoustic number from their new album. We also play new tracks by Quiet Loner and the Wankys.


4th October 2012

October 4th edition of Under The Pavement Radio show originally broadcast on ALL FM 96.9.


27th September 2012

A packed show as we interview The Cravats at Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival, Lauren W talks about Asylum and Shift magazines and The Happy Soul plays a couple of songs live in the studio.


20th September 2012

The System recorded at Hebden Bridge Punks Picnic.


September 13th 2012

Peter from Paranoid Visions joins us live on the live from Dublin to talk about their new album and more…


16th August 2012

New music bonanza!! Under the Pavement brings you a weekly helping of anarchy on the airwaves with the latest in dissonant sounds.


9th August 2012

Under the Pavement brings you Anarchy on the Airwaves. We’re joined this week by the organisers of Manchester alt-noise festival Fat Out Fest to give us a preview of the event and to blast out some Swans. We also give you the latest dissonant tunes with new stuff from the Cravats, Astronauts and Andy T. And when Mr Cubesville’s left in the studio alone, there’s even some George Melly and Anita O’Day. Coooooool.


2nd August 2012

Faintest Idea – possibly the best anarchist/ska/punk band in the whole of Kings Lynn – talk to Under the Pavement at their pre-launch gig in Manchester. And anarchist punk poet Andy T’s first records in 30 years get a play on the week of their release, together with a look forward to Rebellion festival.


28th June 2012

Under the Pavement administers your weekly dose of Anarchy on the Airwaves. This week’s show is jam packed with the latest DIY releases and underground classics – everything from Bootscraper to Billie Holliday. Wow.


21st June

Under the pavement presents your weekly helping of Anarchy on the Airwaves. This week we bring you music and chat with previews of new stuff from jazzpunx Victims Family and singer/songwriter Chris Butler.


14th June

Viva Zapata! We talk to Lia from Manchester Zapatistas about a global protest to free imprisoned activists. Oh, and with 2 days to go till UNDER THE PAVEMENT’S TENTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY AT THE KINGS ARMS, SALFORD, we take a look at what to expect. Ohh yeeeah.


7th June 2012

Neck live in the back of a van at Strummercamp


31st May 2012

One hour preview of Strummercamp with update on festival, music from some of the bands playing as well as other music, what’s on guide and chat.


24th May 2012

Palestinine is on the agenda when Sarah Irving talks about her biography of Palestinian plane hi-jacker Leila Khaled which launches on Friday 25th May at Madlab in the Northern Quarter. The launch was originally planned for Blackwells who cancelled due to perceived controversy with the event. …And when we get the CD player to do its stuff, we treat you to some of the hottest dissedent sounds around. Oh yeah.


17th May 2012

As the menace of Frankenstein foods looms over recession-hit Britain, Under the Pavement talks to Manchester people taking a stand against the multinationals with a planned protest on GM wheat – Take the Flour Back. Their campaign is guaranteed to end up in agro. Alongside the (literally) grassroots resistance, we play the latest in Balkan turbofolk, riotgrrl and punk in our weekly roundup of small p and big P politics in South/Central Manchester.


10th May 2012

Hang onto your hats folks – this is the raw uncensored cut of Under the Pavement’s interview with Warrington punks Hated till Proven. UtP’s sharp, in-depth, investigative journalism gets to the core of antifa-punk in 2012, with talk about dressing up and listening to 1980s music. Oh, and previewing Hated till Proven’s blinding album released on TNS records next week. UtP also previews this year’s Strummercamp at which we will host a wide range of films under the banner of the Sandanista Cinema. With John Peel moments a-plenty, this wild, crazy show is pure anarchy.


3rd May 2012

Singer/songwriter Quiet Loner joins us to talk about his upcoming recording session of political songs in a Salford church. AKA Matt, he treats us to some tunes live in the studio. And we play dissident tunes old and new including tasters from the latest Berlin Riot Grrrl compilation.


26th April 2012

Natalie of The Shrieking Violet fanzine joined us to talk about the second Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention taking place on Saturday 19 May. We discuss the place of fanzines in post-internet culture and if the advent of the blog signified the death of the editor. Natalie brought in some music requested by Fanzine Convention speakers Cazz Blase, David Wilkinson and the Rotherham Zine Library, proving they really are zine and heard.


19th April 2012

Your weekly dose of anarchy on the airwaves brings you the latest dissonant sounds and renegade banter. Returning from a short break, David finds he strays from the point, while Cubesville makes bad jokes at his expense. Meanwhile, they take a non-retro look at Anarchy, the cruel legacy of Thatcherism and the new EP by Blackpool noiseniks the Membranes.


12th April 2012

Roughneck Riot play live in the UtP studio to preview their new album. Woooow!!


5th April 2012

Under the Pavement brings you the very latest in dissonant sounds. This show features a preview of the first album by Andy T and Irma Ved. Plus surrent stuff by the likes of the Autonomads and Napalm Death, a look back at street singers Wesley Willis and Wild Man Fischer and a commemorative look at the Falklands War – 30 years ago this week.


29th March 2012

In this special edition of Under the Pavement, we welcome members of the Autonomads and Black Star Dub Collective into the studio to talk about their new split album, From Rusholme with Dub. We talk about important matters of the day, such as the (anti) squatting laws, riots and pasties while listening to the album (almost) in its entirety. Anarchy on the Airwaves indeed!


22nd march 2012


15th March 2012

Luke from Leeds travel fanzine Ont Road joins the UtP team to talk about his new issue and spin some discs. In among the lively banter we preview the new album from the Inner Terrestrails. Anarchy on the Airwaves!


8th March 2012

Performance poet Dominic Berry joins the Under the Pavement team for your weekly helping of anarchy on the airwaves. Dominic reads extracts from his upcoming show, Wizard. And on International Womens’ Day, we bring you classic tunes and right up to the minute gems


1st March 2012

Squat venue activists Donna and Catherine from the Okasional Cafe join the Under the Pavement team this week to talk about their latest venture – the occupation of the Gamecock pub in Hulme. And with an ecclectic mix of music, the conversation ranges from evolution to anarchy to setting up a zoo populated by conservatives. Anarchy on the airwaves indeed.


23rd February 2012

James ‘Bar’ Bowen joins us live in the studio to talk music, politics, this weekend’s Sophie Lancaster benefit gig at Bradford 1 in 12 Club and a couple of exclusive live tracks.
Includes a storming acoustic version of the Dead Kennedys’ Holiday in Cambodia.


16th February 2012

Steve from Means To An End/ Bradford 1 in 12 Club is guest presenter this show


9th February 2012

Attila The Stockbroker is the guest on this week’s show with a couple of poems and tracks from his latest Barnstormer album.


2nd February 2012

Rod Dixon of Red Ladder Theatre about working with Chumbawamba and Phill Jupitus on the Big Society! Musical at Leeds City Varieties.


26th January 2012

Jim Dog from Bradford 1 in 12 Club


19th January 2012


12th January 2012


5th January 2012


22nd December 2011


15th December 2011

Blacklight Mutants join us live in the studio


8th December 2011


1st December 2011

Black Star Club Collective and organisers of Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair


24th November 2011

¡Viva México! director Nicolas Défossé and Lia from Manchester Zapatista Solidarity Group


17th November 2011

Pete from Paranoid Visions joins us live from Dublin


10th November 2011

Jessi from Eastfield is our guest in the studio.


3rd November 2011

Jennifer and Chris from Parents For Real Justice and POET (Public Order Evidence Trust)


27th October 2011

Save The Farooqi Family Home Campaign and Steve from Means To An End Festival/ Bradford 1 in 12 Club


20th October 2011

Mark Ayling and Morag from Versificator talking about their benefit single for the Humane Research Trust


13th October 2011

Jezabellezza live in the studio plus Steve talking about the Means To An End Festival taking place at Bradford’s 1 in 12 Club


6th October 2011

Interview with Parents For Real Justice and Paul from Reagan Youth


29th September 2011


22nd September 2011


15th September 2011

Rising Strike and Manchester Peace Festival


8th September 2011

Featuring Jezabellezza In Session


1st September 2011

Guest: Manchester DIY Feminist Festival


25th August 2011

Guests: Bev and Andy from TNS Rcords


18th August 2011

Guests Lia and Goyo from Manchester Zapatista Solidarity Group.


11th August 2011

In the week that saw rioting in Salford and Manchester, Chumbawamba’s Boff Whalley talks to the Under the Pavement crew about the use and misuse of the word “anarchy”.


4th August 2011


28th July 2011

Interview with Oi Polloi


21st July 2011
Guest: Iain and Alan talking about Pants 4 Peace


14th July 2011
Guests: Cake Liberation Front


7th July 2011


30th June 2011


23rd June 2011


16th June 2011


9th June 2011


2nd June 2011


26th May 2011
Guest: Lia from Manchester Zapatista Solidarity Group


19th May 2011
Guests: John Player Specials (Live In The Studio)


12th May 2011
Interview: Andy T


May 5th 2011
Interview: Active Minds


April 28th 2011
Interview: TV Smith


April 21st 2011
Guest: Natalie from Manchester Fanzine Convention


April 14th 2011
Guests: Jake and Brendan from Manchester Animal Action and World Day For Animals in Laboratories Alun Parry from Working Class Life and Music Festival 2011


April 7th 2011
Guests: Cath and Junior from OKasional Cafe


March 31st 2011


March 24th 2011
Guests: Bob and Ali from Young People Seeking Safety


March 17th 2011
Guests: Pettybone


March 10th 2011
Guests: Vialka


March 3rd 2011
Guests: Robbie and Ali from Manchester Airport On Trial


February 24th 2011


February 17th 2011
Guest: Al Baker


February 10th 2011


February 3rd 2011
Bradford 1 in 12 Club Darts to an End Festival Report


January 27th 2011
Guest: Dirty Revolution


January 13th 2011
Guest: Melt Banana


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