20th December 2018

Andy Carrington -Dickheads in Flat Caps (Recorded Live in Session)

Molotov -The Sickness (Recorded Live in Session)

TV Smith -File It Under Not My Problem

Paralysis Permanente -Heroes

Perkie -Teachers

Heska -Syndrome Toxica

JD Meatyard -Some People

Animal Byproducts -Bodies Are Water (Recorded Live in Session)

Sallows -Old Man

Carol Hodge -The Witch Is Dead (Recorded Live in Session)

Colour Me Wednesday -Entrepreneur

James ‘Bar’ Bowen -Irony Monger

Mark Stewart and the Maffia -Liberty City

Jessi Eastfield -Smash The Mac (Recorded Live in Session)

Mollie Cule -1983 (Recorded Live in Session)

Chris Butler -Grandad Still Hates The Tories (Recorded Live in Session)

They Might Be Giants -The Communists Have The Music

Bamboo -I Believe in Father Christmas

The Vandals -I Don’t Believe In Santa Claus

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