6th May 2021: Roger Yates Author of The Beautiful Season

Roger Yates Author of The Beautiful Season, published by Active Distribution.

TV Smith – The Lucky Ones  (Live in Session on Under The Pavement)
Dogma –New World
Nothing Clean -Bleeeuuurgh
The Ex –They Shall Not Pass
Perkie -Crazy Woman  (Live in Session on Under The Pavement)
Kaputt –Another War Talk
Quiet Loner -The Captain’s Diseased  (Live in Session on Under The Pavement)
The Chills –Worlds Within Worlds
Nothing Clean -Grrrrr
Robb Johnson –Be Reasonable
Better Reality -Tomorrow
The Clash –English Civil War
Pete Bentham -Life is beautiful
Girls At Our Best –It’s Fashion
Pi$$er -Job

Extra “Listen Again” tracks not on live radio show due to time limitations.

Bogshed –Fat Lad Exam Failure
Tokyo Lungs -The Countdown to What

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