14th July 2022: Levenshulme Punk Weekender

Levenshulme Punk Weekender takes place at the Klondyke in Levenshulme from Friday 22nd July until Sunday 24th July 2022.

We chat to the organisers and the playlist is made up of some of the bands/ acts performing at the festival.

To book your tickets visit: https://pumpkinrecords.bigcartel.com/product/levy-punk-weekender-2022

Axe Rash -Ostrich Man

Shooting Daggers -Liar

Dad -Actually I Am Strawberry Blonde

Dub Righters -Life Is For The Living

Mischa -The New Decameron

F-Emasculata -Craig Willmore

Fatalist -I Am Wrought

Negative Measures -I Don’t Owe You Anything

Cookie Love -Happy House (Live in Session on Under The Pavement)

Börn -Vonin Er Drepin

Raw Power -Nihilist

Lab Rats -No One is Illegal

Lazlo Baby -Petyorshka

Nothing Clean -Good For Me

Spillage -0808

Holiday -No More Coats, No More Homes

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