25th October 2018

Lab Rats -Breathe

2 Sick Monkeys -There are the things that don’t seem much fun

Regret -The Sea

Replacements -Left of the dial

Sammol Damagb -City streets

The Brat -High school

Accidente -Bandada

Mercury Tales -You’re a ghost

Null and Void -Sometimes I get so lonely

Zero Boys -High time

Crutches -Med Vilken Rott?

Braindead -Choking on the fumes

Dad -Actually I’m strawberry blonde

Implement -No privacy

Negativ -Projection

Pork Thoughts -Psycho ward

Tragedy -Kick and scream

Atterkop -Every boy and every girl

Soramimi -One for the dead homies

Ekkia -El ultimo aliento

Blitz -New Age

F Minus -Love is just a tool

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