19th July 2018


Carol Hodge and James ‘Bar’ Bowen


Commoners Choir -Walk With Me

Belgrado -Kulminacja Oddzielenin

The Chills -The Lord is All I Survey

The Ex -Soon All Cities

Carol Hodge -No Holds Barred (Live In The Studio)

James ‘Bar’ Bowen -A Piric Victory (Live In The Studio)

Don Blake -Let’s Be Friends Again

Terry -Carpe Diem

Lab Rats -Keep Smilin’ (Recorded Live in Session On Under The Pavement)

Carol Hodge -The Witch Is Dead (Live In The Studio)

James ‘Bar’ Bowen -The Butcher’s Apron (Live In The Studio)

Fake News Corps -Donny Takes A Trip

Carol Hodge -Fallibility

James ‘Bar’ Bowen -The Irony Monger (Live In The Studio)

Carol Hodge – Stop The World In Its Tracks (Live In The Studio)

Commoners Choir -Get On Yer Bus

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