8th February 2024: Levy Punk Weekender

We chat to Col and Fran from Levy Punk Weekender, happening in Levenshulme in July.

Find out more and book tickets at:https://levypunkweekender.bigcartel.com


The Organ -I Am Not Surprised

Rifles -No Pasaran

Scream -Laissez-Faire

Crutches -On The Verge

Drop Dead -At the Cost of an Animal

Hard Skin -Police Car (Chasing You)

How Long You Been Driving -Consumption

Ikhras -El Nahr

Chain Cult -Witch Hunt

Jøtnarr -Retching

Lifecrusher -The Plague

Youth Avoiders -Street Violence

Flowers of Flesh and Blood -Ordinary People

Sallows -Old Man

Nu -XXI of Mutton and Clay

Spillage -Last Speedboat Out of Wigan

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