1st June 2023: Joe from 0161 Festival talking SHARPfest and Death Pill

After the success of the 0161 Festival across various venues in Greater Manchester in May we talk to Joe about two upcoming events.

SHARPfest takes places in July at St Kentigern’s Socual Club in Fallowfield, whilst before that Ukrainian three piece all female punk band Death Pill will be at Retro in the city centre in June.

Sham 69 -Rip Off

The Oppressed -Joe Hawkins

UK Subs -Brand New Age

The Laughing Clowns -Every Thing that Flies is Not A Bird

The Oppressed -Work Together

Omega Tribe -Skinhead

Bierdosen Freunde -Deutschland Allergie

Death Pill -Go Your Way

Display Homes -Nitty Picky

The Plugz -El Clave y La Cruz

Chin-Chin -Revolution

Holiday -New Song (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)

Le Tigre -New Kicks

Kuhoti Tuhoa -Jukse Kovempaa

Stray Bullet -Factory

Toads -Nationalsville

UK Subs -The Harper

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