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22nd December

December 23, 2011 underthepavement 0

Playlist: Ste McCabe – Christmas Time For Sanctimonious Swine McCarthy -Should The Bible Be Banned? -September Vandals -I Don’t Believe In Santa Claus Severe -Santa […]

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15th December

December 16, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guests: Blacklight Mutants Playlist: Amebix -Arise -Spiderleg Records Severe -Oi! To The World -Punk Rock Advent Calendar Blacklight Mutants -Wish Crass -Big A Little A […]

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8th December

December 8, 2011 underthepavement 0

Playlist: Alun Parry -Greedy Fingers Severe -Stop The Cavalry -Punk Rock Advent Calendar Robb Johnson & The Irregulars -Once Upon A Time -Irregular Records Mischief […]

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1st December

December 2, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guests: Black Star Dub Collective Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair Playlist: Rudimentary Peni -Death Of The Author -Southern Poet and The Roots -Five Nights Of […]

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24th November

November 25, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guests: Lia from Zapatista Solidarity Campaign and Nicolas filmmaker of Viva Mexico Playlist: The Workers -Let’s Work Together King Blues -The Future Is Not What […]

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17th November

November 18, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guest: Peter from Paranoid Visions Playlist: Runnin’ Riot -Ode To The Working Man Radiators From Space -Prison Bars Pink Turds In Space -Ormeau Road Spiderman […]

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10th November

November 11, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guest: Jessi from Eastfield Playlist: Chomsky Allstars -Right Time, Right Place, Wrong Speed Black Star Dub Collective -Instant Injustice -Pumpkin Records Black Light Mutants -Love […]

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3rd November 2011

November 4, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guests: Jennifer and Chris from Parents For Real Justice and POET (Public Order Evidence Trust) Playlist: Paranoid Visions -Outsider Artist featuring TV Smith -FOAD Records/ Overground […]

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27th October

October 28, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guests: Save The Farooqi Family Home Campaign and Steve from Means To An End Festival/ Bradford 1 in 12 Club  

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20th October 2011

October 21, 2011 underthepavement 0

Guests: Mark Ayling and Morag from Versificator talking about their benefit CD for Humane Research Trust Playlist: Cradle To The Rave -Punx Inna Jungle (Pingu’s […]