Category: 2016 Playlists

22nd December 2016


The Lab Rats


Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent -Christmas Carol, Christmas Ray

Alana Bondi -S.O.S.

Bolshy -Ignorance Strength

TV Smith -Xmas, Bloody Xmas

Joe Yorke -Beneath The Lights

Toute Suite -Katie Hopkins

Manifest -We’re All Terrorists Now

The Lab Rats -Keep Smilin’ (Live in the Studio)

The Lab Rats -Breathe (Live in the Studio)

The Santa Belles -Christmas Hoedown



24th November 2016


Pansy Division -Half Way to Nowhere
Katy Tempest -Ketamine For Breakfast
The Pixies -This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven
Liines -Disappear
Solar Race -Not Here
Liines -Be Here
Queens of the Stone Age- Regular John
Levellers- Battle of the Bean Field
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks -Orphans
Stephanie Finegan -Suburbia


10th November 2016

Oi Polloi -No
Louis Lingg & The Bombs -Happy Day (When The Sun Explodes)
Ravioli Me Away -Wow
The Ex -State of Shock
The Mekons -O Money
Cash for Your Stories -Burnt City Map
Chris Butler -Strike
Pansy Division -Getting Old
Efa Supertramp -Fy Enwiyw Jesu Grist
Interrobang -Love It All
TAngerinecAT -I Don’t Want To Be The White Master
Petrol Girls -Disgrace
Revenge of the Psychotronic -Dismantling the Corby(n) Trouser Press
Accidente -Complicidad

27th October 2016

Jon Langford

Ravioli Me Away -Wow
LIINES -Disappear
I, Ludicrous -Three English Football Grounds
Delta 5 -Mind Your Own Business
Hagar The Womb -Hated By The Daily Mail
The Three Johns -Death of the European
The Mekons -Where Were You?
Michelle Shocked -One Piece at a Time
Mekons -Flowers of Evil, Part 2
Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent -Old Wet Argus
Humousexual -Get On Yr Bike
The Lab Rats -Comfortably Numb
Autonomads -Our Elizabeth

13th October 2016


Ali and Lou from Partisan Social Centre
Matthew from A Carefully Planned Festival


LIINES: Disappear
G.L.O.S.S. -Lined Lips and Spiked Bats
No Means No -Sex Mad
The Mekons -Empire of the Senseless
Petrol Girls -Restless
Girls at Our Best -Getting Nowhere Fast
Downtown Boys -100% Inheritance Tax
Tout Suite -Powernoia
Perkie -Run
Accidente -Pulso
Point Breeze -Sheer Mag
Bruce and Carl -Give Me A Clue
Rice Milk -Plump
Chewed Up -Cycle Path
Chewed Up -Cycle Path Pt. 2
Autonomads -The (A) Word

29th September 2016


Dan from Dennis Skinner Film
Charlotte from Ladyfest Manchester


Absinthe Rose -Bread and Booze
Le Butcherettes -Less Than Gold
Poison Girls -Real Women
Billy Bragg -Which Side Are You On
Efa Supertramp -Golau Glas
LIINES -Blackout
TangerineCat -I Don’t Want To Be A White Master
TangerineCat -Tangerine Cat
The Ex -Eoleyo
X -Once Over Twice

15th September 2015

The Undertones -There Goes Norman
Lab Rats -Refugees Welcome (Recorded Live In Session)
Liines -Blackout
Alana Bondi -I Lay Down on the Side of Sin (Recorded Live In Session)
Zdrada Palki -Kaszanka (Vegan Pussy Squad)
Chris Butler -Don’t Believe The Type (Recorded Live In Session)
Quiet Loner -The Captain’s Diseased (Recorded Live In Session)
Pine Valley Cosmonauts -Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
Wolfbeast Destroyer -Destroy, Survive, Rebuild
Street Chant -Pedestrian Support League
MDC -Green Wash
Nora and One Left -My Bike And Me
Discharge -Fantasy Overload
Phil Bug -Let’s Go  (Recorded Live In Session)

1st September 2016

Accidente -Pulso
Big Machine -Love Will Find A Way
Petrol Girls Interview
Petrol Girls -Restless/ System/ Disgrace/ Treading Water
Atterkop -Picket Fence
Le Tigre Interview
Le Tigre -New Kicks
Le Tigre -Keep On Livin’
Le Tigre -After Dark
Simon Stabler -Crime Ink
Bolshy -Ignorance Is Strength
Static Me -Youth Trash
Pansy Division -Getting Old
Three Johns Interview
Three Johns -Death of A European
Three Johns -Fire Pits
Three Johns -World By Storm
DaysnDaze -Fate of a Coward (feat. Jessica Flynn)
Matilda’s Scoundrels -Sow The Seeds
Disaster Strikes -Song and Purpose
Louis Lingg & The Bombs -Happy Day (When The Sun Explodes)

18th August 2016

Talking Peterloo with Michael Herbert and chatting to Brazilian band Graveola plus just added: Cav Kelly “innovative acoustic guitarist and mainstay of Wigan DIY music scene”

Afternoon Gentlemen -War On The Poor
Easterhouse -Whistling In The Dark
Malcolm Arnold -Peterloo Overture Op.97
Cav Kelly -Voodoo Doll (Live In The Studio)
Cav Kelly -Remember (Live In The Studio)
Pansy Division -Blame The Bible
The Domestics -Spit On Your Flag
Cav Kelly -Choices (Live In The Studio)
Graveola -Talisma
Little Terry -Jeremy Corbyn Ate My Hamster
Epic Problem -Nihilistic Army
Graveola -Indio Maracana
Accidente -La Revuelta Real
G.L.O.S.S. -Lined Lips and Spiked Bats
Disaster Strikes -In The Age of Corporate Personhood (feat. Jello Biafra)