13th June 2024: Tiny Paws Mcr

Tiny Paws Mcr are a home-based DIY small animal rescue in Sale with animal liberation and radical politics as core values and can be found doing stalls at punk gigs in and around Manchester. This year is their fifth anniversary and they are having a party in July.

Melanie -I Don’t Eat Animals

The Postmen -One Way Town

Cistern Failure -A Bigger Cage is Still A Prison

Autonomads -Hell in M13

The Lab Rats -Oscar’s Song

Melt Banana -The Hive

Roughneck Riot -Stay Awake

Kleenex -Nighttoad

The Carpettes -Youth Rebellion

Mystery Waitress -Nightbug

Danbert Nobacon & the Axis of Dissent -New York Times Agrees with Fox

Pukes -Jet Boy Jet Girl

Sportchestra -Back Home

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