22nd November 2018

Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers- Here come the Martian Martians

Hag -Don’t speak to me

Salvo -How it goes

Replacements -Bastards of young

Regret – Prepare for a fall

Rivers Run Dry -Serve and defy

Strafplanet -Freizeitstress

Dub Righters -Rule boi

Incisions -Follow

Black Flag -Yes I know

Farust -Doctrine

Lab Rats -Breathe

Seige -Conform

Rotten Foxes -Mullet

The Gits -Second skin

Wadeye -The colour black

Karp -Bacon industry

Glue -Flowers of friendship

Career Suicide -Blank expression

3 -Swannstreet

Andy Carrington -Dickheads in flat caps

Molitov -Sickness

Commoners Choir -Angry song

Martyrdodd -List

Target Lock -Straight off the streets

The Deadbeats -Brainless

Terveet Kadet -Afjkal

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