7th October 2021: Louis Lingg and The Bombs


Louis Lingg & The Bombs


Berurier Noir -Porcherie

Kiss Me, Killer -Gentrification

Headache -Mizerable

Dick Move -Ladies Night

Louis Lingg & The Bombs -Belly Up

Louis Lingg & The Bombs – The Dispossessed

Louis Lingg & The Bombs -No Joke

Haest -Is The Earth Scared?

Burning Flag -Broken Britain

Rumours of War -Half Mast

Isaac Hughes-Dennis -Boris in A Burqa (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)

Boris -Party Boy

Spillage -More Trouble

Buffet Lunch -Mild Weather

Incisions -Better

Chumbawamba-Smashing of The Van

Quiet Loner -If Your Lips Move You’re Lying (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)

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