25th February 2021: Incisions

Manchester band The Incisions talking about and playing tracks from their new album Bliss coming out soon on TNS Records.

Dick Move -Ladies Night
Pete Bentham and Sheppy -Homosapien
Rabies Babies -Rape is Rape
Jez Sings Things -Turpentine (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)
My Ugly Clementine -Playground
School Drugs -Life Overrated-Press On
Dogma -New World
Arctic Turn -Form Function (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)
Cherry & Peech -Punk Mum
Poison Girls -Cream Dream
Dick Move -Chop!
Youth Avoiders -Steel Concrete
Crass -Anarchy in the UK (Paul Jamrozy Test Dept Remix)
John Player Specials -Wealth Distribution (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)
Danbert Nobacon, Kira Wood and the Axis of Dissent -Failed Coup (Impeachment Mix)
* Migraines -What we do is STILL secret
* Omega Tribe -Out of My System

Roughneck Riot -A New Day is Dawning

*Please Note:
Due to timings the Migraines and Omega Tribe tracks did not feature on the radio broadcast of Under The Pavement Radio Show but feature on the Listen Again audio.

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