Category: 2017 Playlists

27th April 2017

Kat from Stop the Arms Fair Network

Laibach -War
Passion Killers -Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die
Mavis Staples -Eyes on the Prize
Alabama 3 -Woke Up this Morning
Holiday -Let’s Go Outside
Antisect -Channel Zero
Negativland/Chumbawamba -the ABCs of Anarchism
Can -19th Century Man
Active Slaughter -Nothing to Fear, Nothing to Hide
Black Star Dub Collective -Vampire (Nucleus Roots Vocal & Dub Cut)
Anti System -100 Rifles
The Subhumans -Religious Wars
Richard Hawley -Tonight The Streets Are Ours
The Newtown Grunts -They Shall Not Pass


13th April 2017

Heather from The Vegan Society
Danny from Manchester Punk Festival

Mwstard -Sundogs
Dead Class -Rain Dogs
Zdrada Palki -Kaszanka (Vegan Pussy Squad)
The Pop Group -Zipperface
Can -Outside My Door
B.G.K. -Arms Race
Nothing Clean -What Do I Do
Screaming Lord Sutch -Great Balls of Fire
Feature -Psalms
The Domestics -I Spit On Your Flag
Fair Do’s -Hostile Company
Chief -This Island
Atterkop -Red Line
HOLIDAY -Tuppence for Hate
Killing Joke -War On Freedom
Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies -Work

30th March 2017


Mag from Syd.31
Sam from Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair
Loose Space


Holiday -Let’s Go Outside
Casual Nausea -God’s Away on Business
Vexx -Do What You Want To Do
Syd.31 -Blood Diva
Syd.31 -Beware of the Gods
Mwstard -Molluscs
Jolly Coppers on Parade -Andy T with Pete Wilson (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Lab Rats -Breathe (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Syd.31 -We Are The Freaks
Atterkop -Trees Will Fall
Holiday -Summerseat

16th March 2017


Kelly from Los Antojitos


Chumbawamba -Total Control
Morrissey -Mexico
Serious Drinking -Winter’s Over
Mark of a Thousand Evils -Pay To Play
Dawn Ray’d -Cauldron of Rebirth
Robb Johnson and The Irregulars -Zapatista Coffee
Bolshy -Heirarchicide (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Dead Class -Rain Dogs
King Champion Sounds -Debby One Day
Cav Kelly -Choices (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Citizen Fish -Marker Pen

2nd March 2017


Bolshy -Live in the Studio


Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies -Part Time Punk
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man –Nial Quinn
The Pop Group-War Inc
Dawn Ray’d -At the Still Point
Autonomads -The (A) Word
Petrol Girls -Disgrace
Bolshy -Building Walls Live in the Studio
Hello Mabel -Sheeps
Jon Magnusson -Your Dreams
Mwstard -Ground Swell
King Champion Sounds -Fool Throttle
Bolshy – Live in the Studio
Domestics -I Spit On Your Flag

2nd February 2017


Partisan Collective and Chris Butler


Andy Carrington -Facts for the Immigration Expert (Recorded Live in the Studio)
James ‘Bar’ Bowen -Holiday In Cambodia (Recorded Live in the Studio)
Danbert Nobacon & The Axis of Dissent -Revolution 9.01
TV Smith -Coming Into Land
Millions of Dead Cops -No More Cops
Chris Butler -International Anthem (Live in the Studio)
Cabbage -Uber Capitalist Death Trade
Bolshy -Ignorance is Strength
Chris Butler -The Seagull and the Skinhead (Live in the Studio)
Inner Terrestrials -Movin’ On
Chris Butler -Phone in Well (Live in the Studio)
Chris Butler -Celebrity Bus Crash (Live in the Studio)
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies -Hip Potater

5th January 2017


TV Smith


TV Smith -Coming in to Land
LIINES -Disappear
The Adverts -Bombsite Boy
TV Smith -Worn Once
The Adverts -My Place
TV Smith -March of the Giants/ Man Down
The Adverts -Cast of Thousands
Lawine -Animal
The Instigators -Blood is on Your Hands
Chris Butler -Don’t Believe The Type (Recorded Live In Session)
The Lab Rats -Smilin’ (Recorded Live In Session)
tAngerinecAt -I Don’t Want to be the White Master
Stephanie Finegan -Suburbia
Villy Dead Class -Best Fighter in Town (Recorded Live In Session)
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Dismantling the Corby(n) Trouser Press
Freddy Fudd Pucker -Funeral Food
Hello Mabel -Sheeps
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -To Be Frank