Category: 2017 Playlists

14th September 2017

Marion from Pies Not Prisons and Joanne from IPP Campaign

Zombies -Care of Cell 44
Uz Jsa Doma -Koroze
Paper Wings -Homes Without Landlords
Queen -I Want To Break Free
Lukas Graham -Take The World By Storm
U2 -It’s A Beautiful Day
INHALT -Panopticon
One Eyed God -Pig Squad
Buff -Dirty Old Town
The Cravats -Batter House
A Page of Punk -Vacant
Commoners Choir -Angry Song
Disco Oslo -Kunst
Gen Pop -The Wall
Itchy-O -From The Overflowing


31st August 2017

Boff Whalley (of Chumbawamba/ Commoners Choir) and Christian Brett (of Bracket Press)

A Page of Punk -Don’t Feel, Think
Beatnigs -Welcome/ Television
Geoff Berner -Rge Rich Are Going To Move To Higher Ground
Commoners Choir -The Jeremy Hunt Rhyming Song
Lab Rats -Refugees Welcome
The World -I Fell In Love With A Slumlord
Wadeye -Welfare Warfare
Tout Suite -Katie Hopkins
Last Quokka -Nazi Scum
Chaos UK -Rise From The Rubble

20th July 2017

James from The Domestics

George Melly -This Joint’s A Jumping
Commoners Choir -The Jeremy Hunt Rhyming Song
Firehose -Disciples of the Freeway
Colour Me Wednesday -Queer for the Summer
Riggots -EA OK
The Domestics -DJ
The Domestics -Nightmare
Commoners Choir -Song Made From Placard Slogans
McCarthy -Well Of Loneliness
Bratakus -I Know Nothing
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros -Arms Aloft in Aberdeen
Tout Suite -Dog Gone Blues
Commoners Choir -Mechanical Movable Type
Ivor Cutler -Barabadababada
The Vandals -Anarchy Burger
Vanna Inget -Alla Andra Dasar
JD Meatyard -Those Neo Libs
Feroxide -The Incredible Miss Direction
Liines -Disappear
Hagar The Womb -Showing Off
The Pukes -Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Pikacyu-Makoto -Galaxilympics

6th July 2017


Marion from Pies Not Prisons


McCarthy -The Funeral
JD Meatyard -Some People
Oi Polloi -Anarcho Pie
Conscious Youth -Prison Abolition
Emeli Sande -Read All About It
Sylvan Esso -Die Young
McCarthy -Keep An Open Mind Or Else
Colour Me Wednesday -Queer for the Summer
Perkie -Teachers
Terry -Start The Tape
Angelic Upstarts -Police Oppression
Autonomads -See at the JCP
McCarthy -Get A knife Between Your Teeth
The Mekons -Still Waiting
Pikacyu-Makoto -Space Sumo
McCarthy -Should The Bible Be Banned?
Nina Miranda -Lost in Manchester

22nd June 2017


Jessi Eastfield Live in the Studio
Veg from 0161 Festival


McCarthy -New Left Review #2
Roughneck Riot -This Is Our Day (Recorded Live In Session)
Hello Mabel -Sheeps
Interrobang -The Inclement Weather
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies -Part Time Punk
Lab Rats -Keep Smilin’ (Recorded Live In Session)
Jessi Eastfield -Pin Me To The Moral High Ground (Live In Session)
The Domestics -Spit on Your Flag
Liberty -Revenge
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Another Way
Billy Liar -What We’ve Got
Jessi Eastfield -Colours of the Weynbow (Live In Session)
Faintest Idea -Bull In A China Shop
Jessi Eastfield -Smash The Mac (Live In Session)
Angelic Upstarts -The Murder of Liddle Towers

8th June 2017

Lou and Felix from Partisan Social Centre
James from Active Distribution/PM Press

Sex Pistols -Anarchy In The U.K.
The Chills -Lost In Space
Pega Monstro -O Miguel
Grand Collapse -Along The Dew
Atterkop -Hope Will Float
China Shop Bull -NHS
Chumbawamba -Tubthumping
Jello Biafra and Mojo Dixon -Love Me I’m A Liberal
Icons of Filth -Onward Christian Soldiers
The Mekons -Still Waiting
Esper Scout -Compass
The Exploited -Maggie

25th May 2017


Grand Collapse
Phil from Strummercamp


Chumbawamba -The Candidates Find Common Ground
The Chills -Rocket Science
Grand Collapse -Grand Collapse
Grand Collapse -Far from The Callous Crowd
Jon Magnusson -Psalm for Sinners
Simon Wells -All At Sea
The Battle of Santiago -Bomba Grande
Accidente -Yo Misma
Billy Liar -Who I’ve Become
Holiday -Everything Seems So Strange These Days
Spear of Destiny -Rainmaker
Spear of Destiny -Strangers in Our Town
Membranes -Do The Supernova
Paper Wings -Disconnect
Interrobang -Am I Invisible Yet?
The Mekons -Ghosts of American Astronauts
Bolshy -Building Walls

11th May 2017


Chumbawamba -Always Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants To hear
Bolshy -Building Walls (Recorded Live In Session)
Generacion Suicidal -Ke Mas Kieras De Mi
Melt Banana -Left Dog (Run Caper Run)
Attila The Stockbroker -Asylum Seeking Daleks  (Recorded Live In Session)
Creedence Clearwater Revival -Bad Moon Rising
Sonic Boom Six -Virus (Recorded Live In Session)
The Ex -That’s Not A Virus
Chumbawamba -Mr Heseltine Meets His Public
The Flex -Life Balance
Bolshy -Reap The Storm
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Not All Animals Are Satire
Epic Problem -Lines (Recorded Live In Session)
Atterkop -Trees Will Fall
Electro Hippies -D.I.Y.
Mwstard -Molluscs
Wolfbeast Destroyer -Destroy, Survive, Rebuild
Chumbawamba -We’re Not In This Together

27th April 2017

Kat from Stop the Arms Fair Network

Laibach -War
Passion Killers -Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die
Mavis Staples -Eyes on the Prize
Alabama 3 -Woke Up this Morning
Holiday -Let’s Go Outside
Antisect -Channel Zero
Negativland/Chumbawamba -the ABCs of Anarchism
Can -19th Century Man
Active Slaughter -Nothing to Fear, Nothing to Hide
Black Star Dub Collective -Vampire (Nucleus Roots Vocal & Dub Cut)
Anti System -100 Rifles
The Subhumans -Religious Wars
Richard Hawley -Tonight The Streets Are Ours
The Newtown Grunts -They Shall Not Pass