28th July 2022: Aidan Jolly


Aidan Jolly


Blyth Power -The Junction Signal

Red or Dead -No One Is Innocent

Leanne Hall -They Wanna Fight, We Wanna Dance

Asian Dub Foundation -Naxalite

Vic Bondi -Fortunate Son

Bombardement -Mille Morts

Axe Rash -Lucky We’re Punks

Oxymoron -Go On Strike

Jezabellezza -A Song About Cycling and Recycling

Leanne Hall -Energy Flash

Bad Breeding -Joyride

Cookie Love -2022 Left Feet (Recorded Live in Session on Under The Pavement)

Danbert Nobacon -Failed Coup (Impeachment Mix)

Newtown Neurotics -Kick Out the Tories

Kirsty MacColl -Free World

Axe Rash -Ostrich Man

Crass -Big A, Little a

Eastfield -Why Do People Sing About Riots?

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