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2nd July 2020

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Guest:Carol Hodge Playlist:Carol Hodge -Stop Worrying Baby (LIVE June 2020)The Knobz -CultureTim Loud -Things That MatterCarol Hodge -I Still Love Me (LIVE June 2020)Carol Hodge -In […]

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18th June 2020

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Guest: DaN McKee author of Authentic Democracy Playlist: Killdren- Expect a Crimewave Dead Kennedys- Kill The Poor Strangely Shaped By Fathers- This Is What Democracy […]

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4th June 2020

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Guests Nancy from Acorn Joe from 0161 Community  Playlist Gil Scott Heron -The Revolution will not be Televised Austerity -Imperialism Spillage -Morning Song […]

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21st May 2020

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Carol Hodge -Stop Worrying BabyCrack Cloud -Ouster StewKen Vandermark & Terrie Ex -HerringSlagatha Christie -LionelBlyth Power -A Little Touch of Harry in the NightBlam Blam […]

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7th May 2020

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Isaac Hughes-Dennis -Cough on a Tory Gaptooth -Ladykillers   Mwstard -Resolution Lush -Ladykillers  Black Randy and the Metrosquad -I Slept in an Arcade Feederz -No […]

23rd April 2020

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Crass -Bata Motel Nina Hagen -Future is now The Sanity Clause -Army Gurl Bugman -Yer Brain Manic Street Preachers -If You Tolerate This Your Children […]

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8th April 2020

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Rhiannon Firth writer of the afterword to Journey Through Utopia: Critical Examination of Imagined Worlds in Western Literature by Marie Louise Berneri (PM Press) Jeffrey Lewis […]

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26th March 2020

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Guest: Andy talking about this year’s cancelled Manchester Punk Festival Playlist: Commoners Choir -Spinning Home Speed Dinosaurs -Stegasaurids Waco Brothers -I fought the law Epoxies […]

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12th March 2020

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Guest:Ruth Kinna author of The Government of No One (Pelican Books) Listen to a selection of Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper’s Great Anarchists here: Read […]