Previous Guests

Guests on Under the Pavement have included:

Marty from Liverpool Pedestrian Group
Thomas Barlow from The Media Fund
Sally from CRIBS International
Joanne from Smash IPP Campaign
Christian Brett from Bracket Press
Marion from Pies Not Prisons
Kat from Stop the Arms Fair Network
Heather from Vegan Society
Danny from Manchester Punk Festival
Loose Space
Sam from Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair
Kelly from Los Antojitos
Matthew from a Carefully Planned Festival
Dan Dennis Skinner film
Michael Herbert talking Peterloo
Social Science Centre
Dare To Be Free Mary Quaile Play
Partisan Social Centre Group
0161 Festival
Manchester Punk Festival
LadyFest Mcr
Real Media
Still Ragged (Film)
RTP Downsized (Graphic Novel)
Manchester Campaigns Bazaar
Captive Animal Protection Society
Duncan Ballantyne compiler of Peru Bravo “Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru’s Radical Decade”
Steve from Bradford and Leeds Anarchist Bookfair
Max talking about Jill’s Film “An Inspirational Activist”
Leonie from Ethical Consumer magazine talking TTIP
Anna from I Love Free Software Festival
Eva from Frack Free Greater Manchester/ Barton Moss Community Protection Camp.
John Potash Author of “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders”
Christopher Hall of Len Crome Memorial Lecture: George Orwell Homage To Catalonia 75 Years On
Andy from Love Music Hate Racism/ Manchester City United To Stop The EDL
Lia and Bruce from Latin America Now Day School
Craig from Salford Zine Library
Mick from Manchester ORG (Open Rights Group)
Lauren from Asylum and Shift magazines
Verity and Emma from Fat Out Festival
Debbie and Stuart on anti GM crop trials
Luke from On t’Road
Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair
Jennifer and Chris from Parents For Real Justice
Jacqui from Manchester Peace Festival
Manchester DIY Feminist Festival
Iain and Alan from Pants 4 Peace
The Cake Liberation Front
Lia from Manchester Zapatista Solidarity Group
Natalie from Manchester Fanzine Convention
Jake and Brendan from Manchester Animal Action and World Day For Animals in Laboratories
Alun Parry from Working Class Life and Music Festival 2011
Kath and Junior from OKasional Cafe
Bob and Ali from Young People Seeking Safety
Robbie and Ali from Manchester Airport On Trial
Rod from Red Ladder Theatre Company
Paul from OKasional Squatted Cafe
Steve and Jake from Electric Circus/ Circus 2 Gaza
Squatters from Manchester and Brighton
Sharon the vegan baker
Save Manchester Law Centre Campaign
Richard of One Way Ticket To Cubesville zine
Reclaim The Streets
Bring Alex Back Home
Bradford Anarchist Bookfair
Manchester Anarcha Feminist Weekend
Temporary Autonomous Arts/ Forbidden Arts Manchester
Manchester Animal Action
Pride Is A Protest
Camp For Climate Action
The Mule News With A Kick!
Manchester Permaculture Network
Single Cell Collective
Action Palestine
Manchester Transgender Day of Remembrance
Manchester Film Co-op
Only Planet
Manchester Climate Fortnightly
Working Class Music Festival
Corporate Watch
Manchester Climate Fortnightly
DAN (Disabled People’s Direct Action Network)
Rising Tide/ Fossil Fools’ Day
Manchester Film Co-operative
Manchester Space Invaders
Indymedia Manchester
Karen Reissmann
Free Bee
Raise Your Banners Festival
Next To Nowhere Social Centre Liverpool
Anarchistic Undertones Club Night
Get Bent: A festival of Queer Diversity
Manchester Neighbourhood for Climate Camp
Report on G8 Protests
Permanent Revolution
Rhythms of Resistance Manchester
Manchester Climate Forum
The Basement Social Centre
Manchester Animal Protection
Everything But The Incendiary: A History of the Animal Liberation Front Exhibition
Vegan Fitness
MVVG – Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group
ScouseVeg – Liverpool Vegetarians and Vegans
Vegan Society
Faslane 365 Manchester Group
Lost and Found Squatted Social Centre
Forbidden Arts Manchester
Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN)
Greater Manchester and District CND
GMCDP (Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People)
Camp for Climate Action
Working Class Movement Library in Salford
Get Bent!
Twee Pride
Trident Ploughshares
Animals Asia Foundation
Campaign Against ID Cards
Defy ID
Anarchist Federation
Party When Margaret Thatcher Dies
Class War
May Day 06
NCADC (National Coalition for Anti-Deportation Campaigns)
Innocent Must Stay Campaign
NO M66 Exhibition
Manchester Zine Fest
Vox Populi Radical Podcast
Collectivo Bellaciao
Manchester Chiapas Solidarity Group
Manchester Anarchist Bookfair
Saving Iceland Gathering
Anti-McDonalds Day
Stop the Clampdown
Stuff Your Boss Campaign
Solidarity Federation
Railway Workers Reunion
International Solidarity Movement
Cat Mazza Radical Knitter

Music guests performing LIVE sets in the studio on Under the Pavement have included:

Carol Hodge
Animal By Products
Molotov (Poet)
Can Kelly
Pete Rawlinson
Arctic Turn
Alana Bondi (w/ and w/out Russ)
The Lab Rats
Jonny Sly
Phil from Bug
Andy Carrington
Andy T
Crystal Grenade
Carol and Pete from The Wrecks
Paper Town
The Sanity Clause
The Happy Soul
Quiet Loner
Roughneck Riot
Blacklight Mutants
John Player Specials
Stella Zine
Chomsky Allstars
Uncle Meat and the Highway Children
Ray Hearne
Ste McCabe with Piano Fingers
Count Drax (Poet)
Domic Berry (Poet)
Aidan Jolly
Alun Parry
Al Baker and Ali
James ‘Bar’ Bowen
Clair Lewis
Dave Hughes
Sonic Boom Six
Jessi Eastfield
Chris Butler
Andy Shades
Claire Mooney
Al Baker and the Dole Queue
Danbert Nobacon

Music guests on Under the Pavement have included:

Page of Punk
Jon Langford
Petrol Girls
Ruts DC
Tout Suite
Test Dept
Poison Idea
Carol and Pete from Slice of Life
Mark Stewart of The Pop Group
The Ex
The Yossarians
Revenge of The Psychotronic Man
The Cravats
The System
Faintest Idea
Hated Til Proven
Black Star Dub Collective
Mark Ayling and Morag from Versificator
Paul from Reagan Youth
Tom and Wiv from Rising Strike
Bev and Andy from TNS Records
Oi Polloi
Andy T
Active Minds
TV Smith
Dirty Revolution
Melt Banana
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
Plague Mass
Steve Ignorant (Crass)
Paranoid Visions
Global Parasite
Bo, Matt and Olivia from Pumpkin Records
The Autonomads
Son of Dave
The King Blues
Steve Lake (Zounds)
Leon Rosselson
Asian Dub Foundation
Star Fucking Hipsters
Robb Johnson
David Ferrard
Boff Whalley (Chumbawamba)
Stray Dog Cafe
Tracey Curtis
The Three Johns
Millions of Dead Cops
Attila the Stockbroker
Yo Yo Mundi
Sean McGhee (Anarchist Punk Compilation Series)
Le Tigre
David Rovics
Paul Heaton (The Beautiful South)
Gee Vaucher (Crass)