22nd September 2022: Jonathan Purkiss writer and Helen Wilkinson of King Ink

Guest: Jonathan Purkiss and Helen Wilkinson

The interview with Jonathan should have gone out last show.

Jonathan Purkiss is an anarchist writer, a tutor, and an independent academic. 

During his teens until his late thirties and beyond hitchhiking was his main form of mobility. Jonathan joins us to discuss his new book, Driving with strangers: what hitchhiking tells us about humanity.

Also an interview with Helen Wilkinson of Sunderland poetry collective King Ink, recorded at cafe/performance space Pop Recs with live performances.


Girls At Our Best -Politics

Serious Drinking -The Revolution Starts at Closing Time

Shake Chain -RU

Helen Wilkinson -Poem 1

Helen Wilkinson -Poem 2

Attila the Stockbroker -Every Time I Eat Vegetables (Swirsky Remix)

Hit Parade -Bad News

Test Dept -Full Spectrum Dominance (JD Twitch Remix)

Simulacro -Sin Deja De Sentir

Subhumans -Terrorist in Waiting

Follow Your Dreams -Rinse and Repeat

Omega Tribe -Better Man

Sewer Cats -Will To Survive

The Slits -Shoplifting

Bruce Springsteen -The Ghost of Tom Joad

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