July 11th 2005

Mark Stewart: Hypnotised (Kiss The Future LP) Soul Jazz

Asian Dub Foundation: Colour Line (Community Music LP) ffrr

Sleeping Dogs: Concrete (Beware LP) Broken Rekids

Tori Amos: I Don’t Like Mondays (Strange Little Girls LP)

Moby: Dream About Me (Short Wave Set) (Single) Mute

Le Tigre: TKO (This Island) Universal

Gina Young: My Generation (She’s So Androngynous LP) Exotic Fever

Yo Yo Mundi: Theme of Sciopero (Sciopero LP) Mescal

Robb Johnson: Be Reasonable (A Beginner’s Guide LP) Irregular

Christy Moore: Powdered Milk

Zounds: This Land (McLibel Benefit Single) Active Distribution

Dead Kennedys: Police Truck (Single B Side) Alternative Tentacles

Turner: After Work (The Edukators Soundtrack LP) Mute

The Evens: All These Governors (The Evens LP) Dischord

Oi Polloi: Fuck Everybody Who Voted Tory

Left Over Crack: Operation M.O.V.E. ( Breeding Disloyalty Compilation LP) Household Name

Hooker: Like It My Way (Ladyfest UK 2003) Bearos Records

Pash: Stop! (Kingwood LP) Exotic Fever

Chumbawamba: On Ebay (Single) Mutt

The Virtual Agents: Keep Your Cool (X-Chrome Mix Single) Tetrachrome

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