June 27th 2005

Free The World: Do They Really Give A Fuck At All?: The End of The Line (Single) Dissent

Mark Stewart: Radio Freedom (Kiss The Future LP) Soul Jazz

The Mars Volta: L’Via L’Viaquez (Single) Universal

Atilla The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer: Hey Celebrity (Zero Tolerance LP) Roundhead Records

Steve Earle: Rich Man’s War (The Revolution Starts Now LP) Artemis Records

Nine Black Alps: Unsatisfied (Single) Island

Purgatory State: Seek and Betray (Seek and Betray EP) Purgatory State

Jello Biafra and The Melvins: Yuppie Cadillac (Never Breathe What You Can’t See) Alternative Tentacles

Ladytron: Sugar (Single) Island

The Levellers: Battle of The Beanfield (Levelling The Land LP) China

Submission Hold: Hawks and Doves And Time (What Holds Back the Elephant LP) G7 Welcoming Committee Records

Paint It Black: Burn The Hive (Paradise LP) Jade Tree

Millions of Dead Cops: Corporate Death Burger (Now More Than Ever LP) MDC

Gina Young: hateyourgutsdotcom (She’s So Androngynous LP) Exotic Fever

The Duke Spirit: Lion Rip (Cuts Across The Land LP) Loog Records

The Clash: Career Opportunities (The Clash LP) CBS

Pink Floyd: Bike (The Piper At The Gates of Dawn LP) EMI

Greg Macpherson Band: The Show Is In THe Basement (Night Flares LP) G7 Welcoming Committee Records

Crass: Systematic Death (Penis Envy LP) Crass

Sportchestra: Karl Marx Never Made The Squad (101 Songs About Sport LP) Agit Prop

Milky Wimp Shake: Here’s To The State Of Mr Poodle (Tried And Tested Formula LP) Fortuna Pop

Tom Vek: C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) (Single) Go Beat

Anti Flag: Police Story (A New Kind Of Army LP) A-F Records

Kinesis: Everything You Thought You Knew To Be (You Are Being Lied To LP) Captains Of Industry

Howards Alias: Song For a Friend (Breeding Disloyalty Compilation LP) Household Name Records

Laibach: Final Countdown (Anthems LP) Mute

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