July 25th 2005

Robb Johnson: Not A Bad Week For The People (Tony Blair My Part In His Downfall LP) Irregular Records

Faithless: Mass Destruction (Peace Not War Volume Two Compilation LP) Peace Not War

New Model Army: Venegance (… & Nobody Else Live LP) Attack Attack Records

Add No To X: Take Me To Your Leader (Single) Mute

Chumbawamba: Knit Your Own Balaclava (Mindless Slaughter Compilation LP) Artists For Animals/ Anhrefn

Moby: Dream About Me (Short Wave Set) (Single) Mute

Peaches: Kick It (Featuring Iggy Pop) (Fatherfucker LP)

Attila The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer: Death Of A Salesman (Zero Tolerance LP) Roundhead Records

Propaghandi: Name and Address With-held (Take Penacilin Now Compilation LP) G7 Welcoming Committee Records

Ladytron: Destroy (The Witching Hour LP) Island

Jill Sobule: Underdog Victorious (Underdog Victorious LP) PixieHerculon

Sleeping Dogs: Same Old Song (Beware LP) Broken Rekids

Kinesis: You Are Being Lied To (You Are Being Lied To LP) Captains Of Industry

Conflict: Had Enough (There Must Be Another Way The Singles LP) Mortarhate

Mark Stewart: Jerusalem (Kiss The Future LP) Soul Jazz

Discharge: Fight Back (Free Speech For The Dumb Anthology LP) Castle Music

Radio Savage Houndy Beasty: Get A Job/ Spoof Ads

Yo Yo Mundi: Scum (Sciopero LP) Mescal

Banda Bassotti: La Pantera (Amore E Odio LP) Gridalo Forte Records

Babyshambles: Fuck Forever (Single) Rough Trade

Zombina And The Skeletones: Spring Heeled Jack (Mondo Zombina! EP)

Casey Neill: The Manchester Rambler (Casey Neill LP) Appleseed Recordings

Bob Pyle: When They Close Down The Golden Arches (Apples and Oranges LP) Apple Tree

MDC: Corporate Deathburger (Now More Than Ever LP) MDC

Paint It Black: Election Day (Paradise LP) Jade Tree


Cat Mazza


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