18th August 2016

Talking Peterloo with Michael Herbert and chatting to Brazilian band Graveola plus just added: Cav Kelly “innovative acoustic guitarist and mainstay of Wigan DIY music scene”

Afternoon Gentlemen -War On The Poor
Easterhouse -Whistling In The Dark
Malcolm Arnold -Peterloo Overture Op.97
Cav Kelly -Voodoo Doll (Live In The Studio)
Cav Kelly -Remember (Live In The Studio)
Pansy Division -Blame The Bible
The Domestics -Spit On Your Flag
Cav Kelly -Choices (Live In The Studio)
Graveola -Talisma
Little Terry -Jeremy Corbyn Ate My Hamster
Epic Problem -Nihilistic Army
Graveola -Indio Maracana
Accidente -La Revuelta Real
G.L.O.S.S. -Lined Lips and Spiked Bats
Disaster Strikes -In The Age of Corporate Personhood (feat. Jello Biafra)

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