15th September 2015

The Undertones -There Goes Norman
Lab Rats -Refugees Welcome (Recorded Live In Session)
Liines -Blackout
Alana Bondi -I Lay Down on the Side of Sin (Recorded Live In Session)
Zdrada Palki -Kaszanka (Vegan Pussy Squad)
Chris Butler -Don’t Believe The Type (Recorded Live In Session)
Quiet Loner -The Captain’s Diseased (Recorded Live In Session)
Pine Valley Cosmonauts -Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
Wolfbeast Destroyer -Destroy, Survive, Rebuild
Street Chant -Pedestrian Support League
MDC -Green Wash
Nora and One Left -My Bike And Me
Discharge -Fantasy Overload
Phil Bug -Let’s Go  (Recorded Live In Session)

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