1st September 2016

Accidente -Pulso
Big Machine -Love Will Find A Way
Petrol Girls Interview
Petrol Girls -Restless/ System/ Disgrace/ Treading Water
Atterkop -Picket Fence
Le Tigre Interview
Le Tigre -New Kicks
Le Tigre -Keep On Livin’
Le Tigre -After Dark
Simon Stabler -Crime Ink
Bolshy -Ignorance Is Strength
Static Me -Youth Trash
Pansy Division -Getting Old
Three Johns Interview
Three Johns -Death of A European
Three Johns -Fire Pits
Three Johns -World By Storm
DaysnDaze -Fate of a Coward (feat. Jessica Flynn)
Matilda’s Scoundrels -Sow The Seeds
Disaster Strikes -Song and Purpose
Louis Lingg & The Bombs -Happy Day (When The Sun Explodes)

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