28th October 2010

Paranoid Visions – New Dark Ages
Chomsky Allstars – Disease of Desire
Chumba Wamba – When Fine Society Sits Down to Dine
Ste McCabe – Harrowing Breakdown
Tingle in the Netherlands – Prostitutes Handbag
Stella Zine – There is Power in a Sex Worker Union
Pagan Holiday – Femme Whore Butch Pimp
Stella Zine – Femmeghandi
Ste McCabe – Ste McCabe 1 Lloyds TSB Nil
Hello Bastards – 22 Years
Conflict – The War of Words
The Fractions – Pressure
The Chomsky Allstars – The Big I Am
Dead Kennedys – Halloween
Oi Polloi – Don’t Burn the Witch
Bad Brains – F.V.K
The Dangerfields – Last House on the Left
Test Department – The Legacy (A Lasting Presence)


Ste McCabe and Stella Pace (AKA Stella Zine)

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