21st October 2010

Mark Stewart featuring Ari Up: Mr. You’re a Better Man Than I (Edit LP) Crippled Dick Hot Wax
Martyn Lewis: In This Together (Up The Hill And Down Again The Oranges Are Coming LP)
The Hassle Bastards: Sic O’War is God (Demo)
Shitty Limits: Limits Appear (Limits appear EP)
Rough Neck Riot: Early Morning, Broken Glass (Self Titled CDR)
The Autonomads: Supermarket Sweep (No Man’s Land LP)
The Wanky’s: abc I love noise punk (American Wank LP)
Doom: Exploitation ( From Back and Gone Live LP)
The Slits: In The Beginning There Was Rhythm (In The Beginning There Was Rhythm LP)
Melt Banana: Rragg
The Restarts: Backwards (Split LP with Millions of Dead Cops)
Anti Maniax: Chilli con Tofu
Plague Mass: Interlude 1 Down to the Cellar (Living Among Meat Eaters LP)
Chomsky Allstars: So Long (Rhyme, Treason and Rhythm Pre-Release LP)
Morrissey: I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday (Your Arsenal LP) EMI
Inner Terrestrials: Barry Horne (X LP) Mortrahate

Richard from One Way Ticket to Cubesville zine.
Craig from South Manchester Law Centre
Plague Mass LIve From Leeds

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