4th November 2010: World Vegan Day Special

Benjamin Zephaniah: Work Rest Play Reggae (All Sewn Up: A Tribute To Patrik Fitzgerald Compilation LP) Crispin Glover Records
Minor Threat: Salad Days (Single) Dischord
MDC: Tofu Spaghetti (Metal Devil Cokes LP)
Humousexual: Yumus Beats (Tahini Beach Party Plus LP) Download Here
Oi Polloi: Anarcho Pie (In Defence Of Our Earth LP)
Dominic Berry: Fruit Salad (Live In The Studio)
Propagandhi: Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz) (Supporting Caste LP) Hassle
Eastfield: Slam! (Urban Rail Punk LP) Baszdmeg (Buy From Four Dogs Music)
Dominic Berry: Fruit Salad (Live In The Studio)
Chris Butler: Lucky Escapes (Session)
Snuff: Cake (Numb Nuts LP) Fat Wreck Chords

Thanks to our guests Dominic and Sharon

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