27th January 2011


Dirty Revolution Interview


George Melly and the Feetwarmers: Goodtime George (Son of Nuts LP)
J D McPherson: North Side Gal (Signs and Signifiers LP)
The Autonomads: Motordread (No Man’s Land LP)
Dirty Revolution: It’s Gonna Get Dirty (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Dirty Revolution: I Love Reggae (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Dirty Revolution: Failure to Communicate (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Dirty Revolution: Firing Line (Under Fire LP)
Weekend: Coma Summer (Sport LP)
Dizraeli: Bomb Tesco (Scifax Drum and Bass Mix) (Free Download)
B. Dolan: Economy of Words (Bail It Out) (Fallen House Sunken City LP)
Acoustic Ladyland: Iggy (Last Chance Disco LP)
Low Threat Profile: Product #2 (Product #2 LP)
The Queers: Don’t Touch My Hat (Back To The Basement LP)
The Pretenders: Tattooed Love Boys (The Pretenders LP)
Vialka: Gothenburg (Trop Tard LP)
The Fractions: Streets of Ancoats (Release LP)

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