20th January 2011

Dirty Revolution: Failure To Communicate (It’s Gonna Get Dirty EP)
Autonomads: Dubbin Up The Downfall
Crass: Shaved Women (Reality Asylum 7″)
Die Toten Hosen: Step Four (Learning English Lesson One LP)
Die Toten Hosen: Right To Work (Learning English Lesson One LP)
Crucifix: Indochina (Dehumanisation LP)
Rudimentary Peni: B Ward (First EP)
ATV: Life (The Image Has Cracked LP)
Kylesa: Scapegoat (Static Tensions LP)
Hammers: Three Fates (Orogeny LP)
Shitty Limits: Your Limits Are My Limits (Beware The Limits LP)
Statues: Lipstick (Up Time EP)
Gil Scott Heron: Your Soul and Mine (I’m New Here LP)
Flux of Pink Indians: Taking A Liberty (Taking A Liberty EP)
X: Your Phone’s Off The Hook But You’re Not (Los Angeles LP)
Shelley’s Children: Fair Enough (Everything LP)
Joyce McKinney Experience: Armchair Critic (Joyce Offspring LP)
Hagar The Womb: Once Proud Now Dead (Funnery In A Nunnery EP)
Anita O’Day: What’s Your Story Morning Glory? (Anita O’Day 1956-62 LP)
Autonomads: Cloud Song (No Man’s Land LP)
Ivor Cutler: The Thatcher Generation (A Wet Handle LP)
Oi Polloi: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This (Total Resistance To The
Fucking System LP)
Conflict: Custom Rock (Ungovernable Force LP)
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man: Mainstream Music Is… (Make Pigs Smoke

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