3rd February 2011


Bradford 1 in 12 Club Darts to an End Festival Report


Manic Street Preachers: The Everlasting (This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
LP)From the film “What To Do In Case of Fire”
Franz Ferdinand: Darts of Pleasure (The Edukators Soundtrack LP)
Hard Skin: Jockey On the Ockey (Hard Nuts and Hard C**ts LP)
Geoffrey Oicott: Darts’ Players Wives (The Good, The Bad and the Googly LP)
Geoffrey Oicott: Glory, Glory Garry Thompson (Single)
Sportchestra: 23. The Fun In Games (101 Songs About Sport LP)
The Black Angels: Bad Vibrations (Phosphene Dream LP)
Mass Hysteri: Mass Hysteri Del TVA (Mass Hysteri LP)
Killing Joke: European Super State (Absolute Dissent LP)
Joey Only Outlaw Band: Honky-Tonky Hockey (Transgression LP)
DOA: That’s Why I Am An Atheist (Talk-Action=0 LP)
Danbert Nobacon and the Bad Things: Nobody Here But Me (Woebegone LP)
Television Personalities: Three Wishes (Part Time Punks: The Very Best Of
The Television Personalities LP)
Dog Faced Hermans: Beautiful (LP)

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