12th April 2012

Guests Live in the studio:

Roughneck Riot


Will Tun and The Wasters -Community
Mad Parade -Right is right
Roughneck Riot -Million Miles (Live in the studio)
Roughneck Riot -Waiting To Die
Roughneck Riot -Just Because (Live in the studio)
Hated Til Proven -Black Bloc -TNS Records
Roughneck Riot -Ignorance is Easy (Live in the studio)
Roughneck Riot -This Is Our Day -TNS Records
Mob -Witch Hunt
Witchhunt -Silence
Witchknot -Repetitive Beat
Inner Terrestrials -Tales Of Terror
Andy T -Hoodies
Doom -Open Mind Surgery
Black Star Dub Collective -Leviathan -Pumpkin Records/ TNS Records/ Active Distribution
Chumbawamba -Triumph of General Ludd -Agit Prop
Mobcharge -Only Stupid Bastards Support MTV Bands
Burerier Noir -Porcherie
Wesley Willis -Stop The Violence
Schwartzenegger -Moustaches, Aftershave and Fights
The Dead Class -Pulse and a Heartache -TNS Records

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