Save Levenshulme Baths

As part of the proposed Manchester City Council Cuts there are plans to close Levenshulme Pool!

Earlier this week Manchester Council has announced plans to shut Levenshulme pool.

The Friends of Levenshulme Group says:

This news will have the most awful repercussions for our community and we will have to work together to prevent this from going ahead. We can only make a difference, together. Meet on Friday at 5 p.m. at Levenshulme Inspire in the cafe area to discuss a plan of action. Meanwhile, urgently invite your contacts to the Facebook group ‘Fight for Levenshulme Baths’ to keep up to date and show support.
The Arcadia is the most fantastic community resource where Levenshulmers of all ages come together to rollerskate. The facility urgently requires a few repairs to the roof which has leaked since it was installed. It also requires a cafe area as there is currently no space to sit or for children to pick up a cheap snack. The Arcadia will be applying for planning permission to add some space to the building to accommodate a much needed cafe area.

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