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Under The Pavement presents: Sandinista Cinema


Two days of films covering punk and politics, including dramas and documentaries:

From 11.00am in the Club House.

See programme for full details and running order

Saturday 2nd June:

11am: Babylon

1.00pm: The Day The Country Died
A documentary film by Roy Wallace featuring Conflict, Crass, Subhumans, Flux of Pink Indians, Zounds, Chumbawamba and many more leading lights in the story of anarcho punk.

3.00pm: Rudeboy

5.00pm: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains

7.00pm: Punk: Attitude
A film by Don Letts taking an original look at the punk movement with a cast of historic and modern figures in popular culture, it ventures beyond the music, beyond the fashion, beyond the hype…

Sunday 3rd June

11.00am: The Harder They Come

1.00pm: She’s A Punk Rocker
A film documentary by and about Punk Rock women directed by Zillah Minx of Rubella Ballet.

3.00pm: Westway To The World

5.00pm: What To Do In Case Of Fire
When a twenty year old bomb explodes in an abandoned mansion in modern day Berlin the evidence points to a notorious late 1980s anarchist group.
(German language film with English subtitles)

7.00pm: Punk In London

Day The Country Died Film Showing at OK Cafe on Saturday 10th March

We’re showing the Day The Country Died at the OK Cafe (the squatted social centre at The Gamecock Pub on Boundary Lane in Hulme,  M15 6GE) at 6.00pm on Saturday 10th March.

“A surge of popular interest in anarchism occurred during the 1970s in the UK following the birth of punk rock. However, while the early punk scene appropriated anarchist imagery mainly for its shock value, the band Crass expounded serious anarchist and pacifist ideas, and went on to become a notable influence in the burgeoning Anarcho-Punk movement.

Many anarcho-punks are supporters of issues such as animal rights, feminism, the anti-war movement, the antiglobalization movement, and many other social movements.

The story of the anarcho-punk movement is told by some of the most influential performers, including; Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Colin Jerwood (Conflict), Boff Whalley (Chumbawamba), Colin & Kevin (Flux of Pink Indians) Dick Lucas (Subhumans), Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet), Gary Buckley (Dirt), Steve Lake (Zounds), Mark Wallis (Liberty), Gee Vaucher (Crass), Dave Hyndman (Hit Parade), Rob Millar (Amebix), Rodney Relax (Alternative), Stringy & Snout (Erratics) and Gerard Evans (Flowers in the Dustbin). The interview footage is laced with both audio and visual music performance from the main performers on the scene including Crass, Conflict, Subhumans, Liberty, Toxic Waste, Chumbawamba, Sacrilege & many more. A classic mix of exclusive new interviews and ultra-rare archive footage goes a great way to telling at least some of the history. Filmmaker Roy Wallace was the vocalist for legendary Belfast anarcho-punkers Toxic Waste.

You can watch the full film here on YouTube.

However it’ll be much more fun to watch it in a darkened room full of strangers followed by a bit of discussion about the film and the influence of anarcho-punk today.



The Winner is…

Thanks to everyone who entered our Cake Liberation Front Competition.

It was probably our most popular competition so far with loads of entries from all over!

The winner, pulled out a hat live on the show, is Cathy Bryant from Manchester!

Well done Cathy. Prize is on it’s way soon.

Hopefully we’ll have more competitions in the future so keep tuning in, checking the website, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook (see links above) or join our mailing list by emailing

Win Cake Liberation Front Goodies

Our great guests from the Cake Liberation Front have given us goodies for a competition.

Cake Liberation Front apron and postcards

To win a Cake Liberation Front apron and series of limited edition postcards simply answer this question:

Which one of these would a vegan never eat?

  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate
  • Cupcake
  • Apple pie
  • Jellied eels
Send your entries to or write to:Under the Pavement Radio Show,
c/o ALL FM 96.9,
19 Albert Road,
M19 2EQ

Closing date is Thursday 21st July and we’ll be announcing the winner on that evening’s show.

Good luck!

Robb Johnson: Windsor Wedding


Robb Johnson, someone we play regularly on the show and who was a guest a couple of years ago, is a prolific songwriter.

He writes that although he has been trying to ignore the impending royal Wedding “it just won’t go away”.

So he wrote a song about it.

David Rovics filmed Robb performing the song at Hove Folk Club on the day he wrote it.

Aidan Jolly: All In This Together

Previous guest Aidan Jolly has written and recorded a new song called We’re All In This Together.

We will be playing it on tonight’s show.

In the meantime here is the video:

[youtube /youtube]


Have you heard of “autonomous social centres”, but don’t know exactly what
they are or how they might be relevant to your life or activities? Or
never heard of them but still want there to be more free spaces in
Manchester for meetings, gigs, etc. that are controlled by the people who
use them rather than by the council, universities, churches or private

Are you a member of a group that could make use of and/or contribute to an
autonomous, not-for-profit social space in Manchester?

Do you want a genuine community-controlled alternative to the Tory
government’s public-service-cutting rhetoric about a “Big Society” – one
in which communities organise to meet their own needs rather than to be an
unpaid labour force for a government of millionaires?

Then come to this meeting and find out what an Autonomous Social Centre
is, what they are doing in other cities, and how you can get involved in
establishing one in Manchester!

TUESDAY 22ND MARCH 2011, 18:30 – 20:00PM

with talks and presentations on social centres past, present and future,
featuring speakers from:

The Basement (Manchester’s last social centre from 2004 to 2007)
Social centres in other UK cities (to be confirmed)
The OKasional Cafe
the current Manchester Social Centre group


Followed by the Manchester Social Centre AGM at 8pm


Help The Working Class Festival

The Working Class Life & Music Festival (which is run by Alun Parry, who has guested on the show a few times) starts next month in Liverpool.

It has over 40 events and takes place right across Liverpool from 22nd April to 30th April.

It is the largest celebration of working people on the planet.

Alun says:

I’m urging supporters to join up as a Festival Champion to help spread the word. It’s really easy and only takes seconds to do each mission.

If you believe in what the festival is doing, sign up as a champion too just by clicking this link