July 21st 2011


Iain Broadley talking about Pants 4 Peace project

Belle and Sebastian -Photo Jenny
Discharge -Why -Clay
The Pop Group -She Is Beyond Good And Evil
Jerry Lee Lewis -Great Balls Of Fire
Baba Brooks & His Band -Guns Fever -Trojan
Jam -The Place I Love -Polydor
Crass -Securicor -Crassical Collection
Reality Control -Man (Reproduce)
The Sanity Clause -God Bless America
Jello Biafra and Mojo Dixon -Nostalgia For An Age That Never Existed
The Masons -Jerusalem
Robb Johnson -Our Lives, Not Yours -Irregular Records
Zounds -Damage -Overground
Moral Dilemma -The Revolution Will Be Televised
Chief -A Place To Go -Household Name Records
The Alternative -Who’s Sussed -Crass Records
Fermin Muguruza -Ez Saikatu
Oi Polloi -Diabhidh Sneddon

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