28th July 2011

Guest Interview:
Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi -Willie McCrae
Toxik Ephex -Maggie
Chumbawamba -Bella Ciao
Ivor Cutler -Mud
Oi Polloi -Daibhidhsneddon
Oi Polloi -Let the Boots do the Talking
Oi Polloi -Concrete Jungle
Oi Polloi -Ar Ceol ‘S Ar Canan
Oi Polloi -Madaidhean Allaidh
Oi Polloi -Cait A Bhel An Armach Leir-Sgrios?
Oi Polloi -Systeemin Orja
Oi Polloi -It Doesn’t Have to be Like This
King Blues -The Future’s not what it used to be
Nina Simone -Backlash Blues
Ste McCabe -Ste McCabe 1: Lloyds TSB 0
Eastfield – Everything is Marvellous
Dean Dirg -$8.95 (95 cent remix)
Kukl -Seagull -Crass
Life…but how to live it -Sweet Dreams
MEN -Who am I to Feel Like This?
TV Smith -Trouble to yourself
Tree of Sores -From within -witch hunter
Crass -Speed or Greed
Moral Dilemma -Question All Authority -Pumpkin Records
Blacklight Mutants -Walking the Road to Old Manchester
Eskorbuto -Mucha policia, poca diversion
Sutura -Suenos Podridos
Exene Cervenka -Love and Haight

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