Day The Country Died Film Showing at OK Cafe on Saturday 10th March

We’re showing the Day The Country Died at the OK Cafe (the squatted social centre at The Gamecock Pub on Boundary Lane in Hulme,  M15 6GE) at 6.00pm on Saturday 10th March.

“A surge of popular interest in anarchism occurred during the 1970s in the UK following the birth of punk rock. However, while the early punk scene appropriated anarchist imagery mainly for its shock value, the band Crass expounded serious anarchist and pacifist ideas, and went on to become a notable influence in the burgeoning Anarcho-Punk movement.

Many anarcho-punks are supporters of issues such as animal rights, feminism, the anti-war movement, the antiglobalization movement, and many other social movements.

The story of the anarcho-punk movement is told by some of the most influential performers, including; Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Colin Jerwood (Conflict), Boff Whalley (Chumbawamba), Colin & Kevin (Flux of Pink Indians) Dick Lucas (Subhumans), Zillah Minx (Rubella Ballet), Gary Buckley (Dirt), Steve Lake (Zounds), Mark Wallis (Liberty), Gee Vaucher (Crass), Dave Hyndman (Hit Parade), Rob Millar (Amebix), Rodney Relax (Alternative), Stringy & Snout (Erratics) and Gerard Evans (Flowers in the Dustbin). The interview footage is laced with both audio and visual music performance from the main performers on the scene including Crass, Conflict, Subhumans, Liberty, Toxic Waste, Chumbawamba, Sacrilege & many more. A classic mix of exclusive new interviews and ultra-rare archive footage goes a great way to telling at least some of the history. Filmmaker Roy Wallace was the vocalist for legendary Belfast anarcho-punkers Toxic Waste.

You can watch the full film here on YouTube.

However it’ll be much more fun to watch it in a darkened room full of strangers followed by a bit of discussion about the film and the influence of anarcho-punk today.



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