28th September 2017

Sally from CRIBS International
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Lianne Hall -Always Late To The Party
American Anymen -Flag Burner
Exit Order -Mass Panic
Itchy-O -Gallow’s Disco
6 Day Riot -Run For Your Life
Eagles -Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Chumbawamba -Refugee
Dame -Bubble Baby
The World -Happy Shopper
Uz Jsme Doma -Tenky Led
The Great Leap Forward -A Peck On The Cheek A La Politique
Chroma -Manifesto Del Todo
Commoners Choir -Robin Hood In Reverse
Cress -Prisons
Buff -T.A.U.
Bratakus -I Know Nothing
Darlene Shrugg -Freedom Comes In A Plastic Card
GLOSS -We Came To Fight

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