12th October 2017


Tout Suite Live In The Studio


The Cardiacs -Tarred and Feathered
Croma -Intervencion Y Disciplina
Saint McCabe -Everything That’s English
Yea Big -The Wind THat Blows As Mountains Flow
Exit Order -Dirt On Your Chest
Husker Du -59 Times The Pain
Paper Wings -Homes Without Landlords
Leatherface -In My Life
Dead Moon -54/40
Tout Suite -Nothing (Live In The Studio)
Tout Suite -Dicks Out (Live In The Studio)
MDC -Country Squawk
Tout Suite -Dog Gone Blues (Live In The Studio)
Tout Suite -Sunstroke (Live In The Studio)
George Melly -I Won’t Grow Old
The Autonomads -The (A) Word
Tout Suite -Under The Pavement (Live In The Studio)
Arctic Flowers -Fall To Pieces

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