10th November


Jessi from Eastfield


Chomsky Allstars -Right Time, Right Place, Wrong Speed
Black Star Dub Collective -Instant Injustice -Pumpkin Records
Black Light Mutants -Love Yourself
Eastfield -Get A Grip -Baszdmeg
A Touch of Hysteria -The Klan
Eastfield -Everything Is Marvellous -Baszdmeg
Burnt Cross -Ian Tomlinson
Andy T -Tiny Revolutions
Paranoid Visions -Outsider Artist featuring TV Smith -FOAD/ Overground Records
Sonic Boom Six  -The Kids Of The Multiculture -Rebel Alliance
Mumia Abu-Jamal -Prisons Vs Preschools
Eastfield -Why Do People Sing About Riots? -Baszdmeg
Autonomads -2000 BP -Pumpkin Records
Attila The Stockbroker -Looters
Rudimentary Peni -A Handful Of Dust -Outer Himalayan

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