17th November


Peter from Paranoid Visions


Runnin’ Riot -Ode To The Working Man
Radiators From Space -Prison Bars
Pink Turds In Space -Ormeau Road Spiderman
Paranoid Visions -Control (It’s lovely today) featuring Shend -FOAD Records/ Overground Records
Paranoid Visions -Blame the Visions (Prophet for the lost) featuring The Blame -FOAD Records/ Overground Records
Paranoid Visions -Outsider Artist featuring TV Smith -FOAD/ Overground Records
Black Light Mutants -Love Yourself
Iuidosa Innum Dicia -Dde Una Bez
Bathtub Shitter -Skate Of Bulgaria -Rip Roaring Shit Storm
Divisions Ruin -Fear
Autonomads -Back To The Bark
Discarga -O Porqua Violencia
David Rovics -Occupy Wall Street

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