9th August 2012


Verity and Emma from Fat Out Festival


The Cravats -In Your Eyes (257) -Overground Records
Uz Jsme Doma -Telephon
The Astronauts -Nothing Is Impossible
Hammers -Orogeny
George Melly -This Joint Is Jumpin’
Our Man In The Iron Age -Track One
Tallas -Impala
Omar Rodrigez Lopez And Lydia Lunch -Track Two
The Swans -Track Three
TV Smith -Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay
The Cravats -Live For Now -Overground Records
Patrik Fitzgerald -Mrs And Mrs
Case -I Am The Only People
Faintest Idea -Youth -TNS Records
Oi Polloi -Ar Sinn Airais
Andy T -Finger Pointing
Irma Vep -What’s That In Your Mouth?
Pussy Riot -Putin Has Pissed Himself
Rudimentary Peni -Death Of The Author
Anita O’Day -What’s Your Story, Morning Glory

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