9th August 2007

Matt Monro: We’re Gonna Change The World (The Very Best Of Matt Monro LP) Music For Pleasure
Mark Stewart: Hypnotized (Kiss The Future LP) Soul Jazz
Ladytron: Seventeen (Light & Magic LP) Invicta/ Telstar
The Pre-Teens: Who Needs Who (Sunday Morning Service LP) 11345 Records
Rachel Stamp: Madonna… Cher… (Sweet Shop LP)
Grace Darling: Surrender
Stephanie McCarter: Use Me
Colleen Kattau: No Ordinary Heifer (Inhabited Woman LP) Windlight Studio (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Danbert Nobacon and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Straight Talk (Meet Frank) (The Library Book of the World LP) Bloodshot Records
Mischief Brew: Thanks, Bastards (Songs From Under the Sink LP) Fistolo
Dave Hughes: Once We Were Punks (Once We Were Punks LP)
Sam Kearney: Frantic (Demo)
Jo Bywater: Shoegazing (Demo)
Robb Johnson and the Irregulars: Zapatista Coffee (All That Way Way For This LP) Irregular Records(Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Tracey Curtis: Leonardo, Percy, Leo and Albert (If The Moon Could Talk LP) Unlabelled (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Active Slaughter: My Foot In Your Mouth (‘Ave A Butchers LP) Slaughtered Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Eastfield: Slam! (Urban Rail Punk LP) Baszdmeg
Anti-Flag: 1 Trillion Dollars (For Blood and Empire LP) RCA (Buy from Four Dogs Music)


Tomboy of
Get Bent: A Festival Of Queer Diversity
Web: http://www.get-bent-manchester.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/getbentmanchesterqueers
Email: getbentinfo@riseup.net

* Sam, Jo, Robb and Tracey are at playing at the London Vegan Festival
Web: http://www.vegancampaigns.org.uk/festival

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