23rd August 2007

The Mekons: Folsom Prison Blues (‘Til Things Are Brighter…A Tribute To Johnny Cash LP) Red Rhino
The Smiths: London (The World Won’t Listen LP) Rough Trade
We Free Kings: This Train (The Sporting Life An Artists for Animals Compilation LP) Agit-Prop Records
Jessi Eastfield interview featuring:
Jessi Eastfield: God’s Plastic Railway (Live In The Studio)
Fermin Muguruza: New Roz (Brigadistak Sound System LP) Esan Ozenki Records
Jessi Eastfield: Pepper (Live In The Studio)
Mano Negra: Bala Perdida (Casa Babylon LP) Virgin
Jessi Eastfield: Train To The Top Of The World (Live In The Studio)
Blyth Power: Alnwick & Tyne (Alnwick & Tyne LP)
TV Smith: Free World (Not Toast Yet Climate Camp Benefit Compilation LP)
Robb Johnson: This Is What Democracy Looks Like (Not Toast Yet Climate Camp Benefit Compilation LP)
Robb Johnson: Big Brown Eyes (FREE Download from Ethical Wares)
Jo Bywater: One Small Step (Demo)


Marc from Manchester Climate Forum

Camp for Climate Action
Climate Cartoons

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