8th June 2017 What’s On

Sunday 11th June

On June 11th a faction of fascist group the English Defence League calling themselves “Gays Against Shariah” will be marching in central Manchester. The event initially had a single focus: to use the anniversary of the horrific Orlando massacre (in which 49 mostly Latinx LGBT people died) as a weapon against Muslim communities in the UK. After the 22/05 Manchester Arena bombing, the EDL subgroup swiftly rebranded their event as ‘Unite Against Terrorism’, jumping at the opportunity to further capitalize on tragedy to push their islamophobic and racist agenda.

We must mobilise and counter ‘Gays Against Shariah’ and the rest of the EDL. We need to stand tall and united in the face of fascism, declaring loudly that they do not speak for us, that we will not let them enact their campaign of hatred, intimidation and violence against Muslims, migrants and people of colour.

We need to resist cynical attempts of the far-right to exploit LGBT grief and struggle to violate other marginalized communities. We want to send a clear message: Islamophobia and racism are not welcome in Manchester, or anywhere else.

We organize this counter-demo as a broad LGBT+ coalition. All are welcome to join us on June 11th, drive the fascists out of Manchester and strengthen the solidarities between local communities.

Central Manchester: 11am-5.00pm

Profit going to CRIBS International! Check them out, CRIBS International fundraises to provide accommodation for families with newborn babies or where the women are pregnant so they can leave the camps and have a roof over their heads.

Friday 16th June 2017

Friday 23rd June-Sunday 25th June 2017


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