25th May 2017


Grand Collapse
Phil from Strummercamp


Chumbawamba -The Candidates Find Common Ground
The Chills -Rocket Science
Grand Collapse -Grand Collapse
Grand Collapse -Far from The Callous Crowd
Jon Magnusson -Psalm for Sinners
Simon Wells -All At Sea
The Battle of Santiago -Bomba Grande
Accidente -Yo Misma
Billy Liar -Who I’ve Become
Holiday -Everything Seems So Strange These Days
Spear of Destiny -Rainmaker
Spear of Destiny -Strangers in Our Town
Membranes -Do The Supernova
Paper Wings -Disconnect
Interrobang -Am I Invisible Yet?
The Mekons -Ghosts of American Astronauts
Bolshy -Building Walls

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