7th July 2011


The Jam -News Of The World -Polydor
The Adverts -I Looked At The Sun -United Artists
Leon Rosselson -Song Of The Free Press -Fuse Records
The Redskins -Reds Strike The Blues -Decca
Citizen Fish -Shelf Life -Bluurg
Breadchasers -Saving The World Running Out Of Time
Oi Polloi -SS Politician
Power Is Poison -Anti Fascist -Pumpkin Records
Anti-Flag -This Machine Kills Fascists
Jello Biafra -Love Me I’m A Liberal -Alternative Tentacles
Ivor Cutler -Good Morning How Are You?
Milky Wimpshake -Murder In London -Fortuna POP!
Eastfield -Why Do People Sing About Riots? -Baszdmeg
The Bored -Riot Style -Crass Records
Total Chaos -Riot 77
Tracey Curtis -First Riot
6 Day Riot -Run For Your Life
Omega Tribe -Freedom, Peace and Unity -Corpus Christi
Material Rechazado -Ya No Te Keda Neda
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man -D.I. Why? TNS Records
UK Subs -Riot
Ste McCabe -That’s Not Very Funny
Ivor Cutler -Go On, Jump
Jeremy Gloff -World Won’t Do It (Edit)
Leagues Apart -All This Talk Of Sinking Ships Is Making Me Thirsty

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